From the wonders of Niagara Falls to the abundance of lakes and provincial parks, it’s no wonder that Ontario is such a popular destination for travellers. No matter the season, you can find all types of fun things to see and do in Ontario, even if you want to bring your dog along for the trip. Ontario has an abundance of dog-friendly attractions and experiences, as well as a range of pet-friendly cottages that give you everything you need for the trip.

Where can you find pet-friendly cottage rentals?

Ontario has an array of travel destinations that offer pet-friendly cottages and attractions, ensuring that your dog will have a great time on your trip. Dog-friendly cottages also range from rustic and simple to sprawling and family-friendly, so you can bring the dog along for your couple’s trip or family vacation. Whether you’re looking for a lake retreat, a wilderness adventure, or anything in between, here are some dog-friendly destinations.

Muskoka pet-friendly cottages

Muskoka is filled with beautiful forests, sparkling waterways, and a picturesque landscape that’s a lot of fun for a dog. Dogs are allowed at many of the beaches, parks, and outdoor areas in Muskoka, as well as some restaurants, cafes, and shops, so you can always bring your pet along with you. You could even bring your dog along to play a few rounds of golf.

Algonquin Provincial Park pet-friendly cottages

Algonquin Provincial Park is an exciting parkland for outdoor adventurers and animal lovers. It has an extensive network of trails along rivers and through dense forests, as well as many lakes that you can use for water recreation. Leashed dogs are also allowed in the park, with the exception of a few designated areas, so you can explore the wilderness with your pet by your side. You can find plenty of pet-friendly cottages throughout the park as well, so you can stay close to all the outdoor fun.

Georgian Bay pet-friendly cottages

Georgian Bay is one of the most dog-friendly places in all of Ontario. It boasts several leash-free dog parks, including Wasaga Beach Dog Park and Pawplar Park, as well as several beaches and trails in the wilderness. There are also breweries, cruises, and of course, cottages, that allow pets along, so you never have to leave your dog behind to fully enjoy your trip to Ontario.

Types of pet-friendly cottage rentals

From luxurious lakefront cottages to cheap rentals with some decadent features, you can find all types of pet-friendly cottage rentals in Ontario. Here are some things you can expect from pet-friendly cottages throughout Ontario.

Luxury pet-friendly cottages

Ontario is filled with dog-friendly destinations that allow pets to play on the beach, in the parks, or even come along when you visit a cafe or restaurant. You can also find many luxury pet-friendly cottages that put you within reach of great attractions like restaurants, beaches, and historic sites for an exciting trip. Best of all, the dog-friendly cottages come with convenient features for your pet, such as food and water bowls, crates, dog beds and toys, so you can make sure your dog is as pampered as you. Luxury cottages come in many types and sizes, so you can easily accommodate the entire family or friends in 1 cottage rental for a fun-filled vacation.

Cheap pet-friendly cottages

Though you’ll find a lot to do in Ontario, you won’t have to break the bank on your vacation if you want to bring your dog and enjoy some outdoor adventures. There are many cheap dog-friendly cottages throughout Ontario, so you can enjoy exciting amenities like cozy fireplaces, private hot tubs, and kitchens with modern appliances alongside pet-friendly features like dog beds, food and water bowls, and fenced outdoor play areas. With all these features, both you and your dog are sure to have a great time.