With its maple hills, dramatic ridges, and abundance of lakes,  Algonquin Park is a spectacular nature destination for a cottage vacation in Ontario. The park is perfect for everything from hiking and canoeing to exploring heritage sites and watching for wildlife. With Algonquin Park cottages, you’ll be in the heart of the landscape and all it has to offer.

Who are Algonquin Park cottages for?

From the opportunities for outdoor adventure to the tranquil surroundings and unique experiences, Algonquin Park has something for every type of vacation. Whether you’re looking for a memorable trip with the kids or a romantic retreat to reconnect with your loved one, cottages in Algonquin Park provide the perfect base camp.

Couple’s cottages

Nothing is quite as romantic as a secluded cabin in the woods, especially when it’s surrounded by Algonquin Park. You can find romantic cottages throughout Algonquin Park that give you an opportunity to kick back and relax with your loved one or head out onto the trails for some adventures together. Many cottage rentals are available with extra romantic features as well, such as a private hot tub or a cozy fireplace, so you can bond together.

Family cottages

In addition to the many exciting outdoor experiences you can have in Algonquin Park, it also has some fun educational experiences for kids and adults of all ages. The visitor’s centre has exhibits on the natural and cultural history of the park, including an outdoor viewing deck and art gallery. Algonquin Park also hosts weekly wolf howls with the area’s native packs, which are used as a way to connect with the wildlife in the park. Plenty of family-friendly cottages are available throughout the region, giving you all the space you need for the whole family.

Outdoor adventurers

Algonquin Park boasts over 2,400 lakes and 1,200 kilometres of streams and rivers, including Canoe Lake and the Nipissing River, all of which is surrounded by a unique mixture of forest types that house diverse animal species. The park is popular for year-round outdoor activities, including camping, wildlife viewing, horseback riding, cross-country skiing, fishing, and canoeing. With a cottage in Algonquin Park, you’ll be in the midst of the area with nature at your doorstep for all your outdoor adventures.

Features and amenities

Despite their rustic and scenic locations, the cottages in Algonquin Park come with all types of luxurious amenities and modern features that help you have a comfortable and relaxing vacation. From essentials like kitchen and laundry to decadent additions like a hot tub or backyard, here’s what you can expect from cottages in Algonquin Park.

Full kitchen with appliances

Cottages in Algonquin Park are fully self-contained and include all the comforts of home, including a full kitchen. With a kitchen stocked with appliances, dinnerware, cookware, utensils, and more, you’ll have everything you need to shop for local food and prepare a meal for your family or travelling companions at home. When you prepare a lot of your own meals on vacation, you can save on dining out and stretch your budget for some extravagant experiences or attractions during your trip.

Natural surrounds

One of the best advantages of a cottage in the park is the scenic surroundings. Cottages are nestled in the forest or on the edge of a lake or waterway for unrivalled views and access to nature. You can wake in the morning to the sounds of wildlife and an invigorating hike, or enjoy sunset views over the water as you dine in the evening. With a hot tub or outdoor entertainment area, you can relax and sip wine under a blanket of stars. If you’re bringing the kids, having so much open space gives you a chance to get outside and make lasting memories in the outdoors with your family. If you want some sightseeing or a night on the town, the park is close enough to local towns and cities like Toronto and Ottawa for dining, attractions, and nightlife.