Enjoy an island escape on Manitoulin Island cottage rentals

Your next holiday to experience the natural beauty of Ontario could be in one of the charming Manitoulin Island cottage rentals. Across Manitoulin Island are many small towns and inland lakes. Most of the holiday cottages are situated next to an inland lake and are also close to a town for the convenience of a local store or great dining. Manitoulin Island cottages give you a great feeling of privacy and seclusion, as well.

Your getaway to Manitoulin Island cottage rentals

Manitoulin Island cottages make for great accommodations to enjoy a holiday getaway from the stresses of life. You could find the right rental for you across any part of the island. Early risers might find a lakefront cottage on the eastern edge of the island most appealing to enjoy the sunrise and a morning cup of coffee. Some fishing enthusiasts could grab one of the cottages that sits right next to the lake and is the perfect spot to nab a fresh catch.

Manitoulin Island cottage rentals with waterfront views

The most charming aspect of a Manitoulin Island cottage rental is the chance for a waterfront view. You can rent a cottage that’s next to an inland lake or one that sits on the edge of the sparkling waters of Lake Huron. A waterfront cottage allows you to enjoy the types of views that make a holiday getaway worth it, but direct waterfront access also opens up the opportunities for fishing or other fun on the water.

Providence Bay, Manitoulin Island cottage rentals

On the southern edge of Manitoulin Island nestled on the shore of Lake Huron, Providence Bay is a beautiful waterfront town that is surrounded by evergreens and inland lakes. Some of the most beautiful cottages on Manitoulin Island surround Providence Bay. Many of the cottages have a rich history of serving holiday travellers year after year with the consistently breathtaking views that look out over the bay. Some have a charming log cabin appearance yet all the modern comforts that you enjoy at home.

Family-friendly Manitoulin Island cottages

A Manitoulin Island cottage can be a great way to enjoy a holiday with family. As a family, you can enjoy the secluded atmosphere of a cottage that is immersed in nature to retreat from the hectic pace of life, or you may most enjoy a modern cottage with an open floor design and access to your own pool. You can also find the right size cottage that will suit your family and even extra relatives, whether that’s a 4-bedroom that sleeps 8, or a six-bedroom luxurious lakefront cottage that will fit up to 12. You’ll be pleased to find family restaurants on the island, or you could take advantage of the full kitchen for a family dinner at the cottage.

Manitoulin Island cottages around Lake Kagawong

In the centre of Manitoulin Island sits Lake Kagawong, surrounded by a variety of quaint cottages. The cottages around Lake Kagawong range in size and comforts, each with a unique appeal. Most cottages have a private dock and direct lake access for fishing enthusiasts to cast an early line, or to head out on an afternoon boating excursion. Depending on your preferences, some cottages possess a rustic appeal for holiday travellers to unwind, while other colleges let you enjoy the country feel with up-to-date connectivity and entertainment options to relax.

Pet-friendly Manitoulin Island cottage rentals

As you are planning your holiday, you want to make sure that pets are allowed at your Manitoulin Island cottage. Pet-friendly accommodation is thankfully more common nowadays, which is good to make sure that you and your favourite furry companions can enjoy the holiday together. Pet owners with dogs who love the water can take advantage of the many inland lakes on the island, and the best choice could be a lakeside cottage with its own dock for convenient and direct access to the water.