Relax by the lake with Muskoka cottage rentals

Muskoka is a beautiful region with hundreds of lakes and opportunities to enjoy Ontario's great outdoors. Muskoka cottage rentals offer the feel of a secluded, private wilderness where you can enjoy the surrounding nature. Outdoor enthusiasts enjoy travelling to Muskoka, but the many nearby towns allow you to have the best of both worlds. You can enjoy a modern cottage on the lake and still maintain a healthy connection to the outdoors. Towns such as Bala and Gravenhurst are close by and have a great selection of restaurants, museums, and quaint retail shops for you to explore.

Muskoka cottages near Bala

Located on Bala Bay on the far western edge of Lake Muskoka, Bala is one of the best destinations for a holiday getaway when you're looking for a fun and secluded community. You can find a host of cottages that range in size and amenities to help you enjoy a personalized holiday experience. Some people prefer a rustic cottage on the waterfront to enjoy the early-morning peace and tranquillity or to get a jump on their favourite fishing spots. Others want a fully modernized cottage that is spacious with up-to-date amenities that provide you with all the comforts of home.

Muskoka cottage rentals with hot tubs

One of the best ways to maximize the relaxing effect of a holiday retreat is to treat yourself to some of the comforts and luxuries you deserve. There may be no better way to relax and enjoy your holiday than with a cottage with a hot tub. In the summertime, a hot tub is a great way to unwind after an adventure-filled day. During the chilly months, if you want to get away for the weekend or spend some time hunting, a hot tub can be the ideal way to end your day as you warm up and calm down.

Huntsville cottage rentals

Huntsville is a bit east of Muskoka and is a great holiday spot for private cottage rentals. Huntsville cottage rentals offer nearby lakes and every kind of outdoor fun available on a holiday in Ontario. The town of Huntsville has many varying restaurants and easy road access for you to travel to and from various destinations. Because Huntsville is a relatively established travel destination, there are many cottages to choose from, ranging in size and levels of comfort. You can get away to the outdoors with a Huntsville cottage.

Family-friendly Muskoka cottages

Spending time with family is one of the best aspects of an Ontario holiday featuring the comforts of a Muskoka or Huntsville cottage rental. As this region is widely known for cottage rentals, there are a plethora of family cottages that will likely match your particular desires when you're looking for the right size and amenities. You can find a secluded cottage with a rustic feel that is surrounded by the natural wilderness, or you may want something more modern with direct lake access and an indoor pool table to keep everyone entertained. Most cottages are family-friendly, and you can find every type of cottage imaginable here, which is perfect as you think about your next trip.

Muskoka cottages near Gravenhurst

Near Muskoka is Gravenhurst, a lovely town that sits on the southern edge of Lake Muskoka and has great availability for Muskoka cottage rentals on the lake. The town itself has fun and educational cultural activities to check out, and you can experience the unique history of the area. The Tree Museum is such an example where holiday travellers frequently visit to enjoy local art and a variety of nature paths for hiking. The types of cottages available vary in size, luxury, and levels of privacy. Many cottages give you some of the most desirable lake views, and many of the northwest-facing back decks are the perfect vantage point for an unforgettable sunset.