Find the best Rice Lake cottage rentals to enjoy the beauty of Ontario

Rice Lake is a picturesque body of water that is 150 km of pristine outdoor fun and the opportunity to be immersed in the rich natural beauty of Ontario. Rice Lake cottage rentals offer the opportunity to stay in the immediate vicinity of the sparkling lake and peaceful forests. The history of this shallow-water lake that was home to annual rice harvests is as captivating as the breathtaking sunsets. Rice Lake is a great holiday spot because of the surrounding small towns, farms, and quaint destinations.

Your getaway in Rice Lake, Ontario, cottage rentals

Rice Lake, Ontario, cottage rentals make a perfect holiday retreat if you want to venture into the wonder of nature. Rice Lake has every type of cottage that would suit your particular style. You might want a south shore cottage with lake views to get the perfect glimpse at a setting sun. Other cottages are more secluded for your privacy and relaxation. Some have the ambience of a log cabin but with every modern convenience.

Rice Lake cottage rentals for a family

As you plan your Rice Lake getaway, you don’t need to worry about whether you will find a cottage in the right location or if it has enough room for your family because all types of Rice Lake cottage rentals are available to suit your particular needs. You will find many 3- or even 4-bedroom cottages that have a fully-equipped kitchen, living room, and open bedroom space for your family. Many cottages sleep 7 and are fully furnished with great lake views.

Rice Lake holiday waterfront colleges

The beauty of Rice Lake can be experienced up close and personal. When you rent a holiday cottage on the lakefront, not only do you get a comfortable and furnished cottage, but you also get a gorgeous setting with tranquil waters. Rice Lake is a great fishing destination, which is why many people vacation here. The fresh morning air and gentle breeze are reasons enough to choose a waterfront cottage.

Rice Lake Conservation Area

On the shores of Rice Lake, the Rice Lake Conservation Area is a lush forest and wildlife preserve that could be the perfect Rice Lake destination to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. Situated just east of Bewdley, the Conservation Area is home to acres of quiet wetland surrounded by all types of deciduous trees and conifers. The region is peaceful, and there are an abundance of Rice Lake cottages to make your holiday home as you take advantage of the peace and solitude of nature.

Discover a cottage rental near Hall Landing

On the northwest quadrant of Rice Lake lies the lovely community of Hall Landing. The area has fantastic views of the Otionabee River and its delta, as well the chance for you to explore the likes of Long Island or West Sugar Island near your Rice Lake cottage rental. Forest preserves, harbour lookouts, and local farms dot the landscape around Hall Landing. The lakefront views are worth dedicating an afternoon for photographs or merely enjoying nature.

Natural and artistic beauty

Some of the finest points of beauty around Hall Landing are the breathtaking views, but that includes the unique cultural attraction of ZimArt's Rice Lake Gallery. Home to over 50 stone sculptures of Zimbabwean origin, the gallery allows you to stroll through a tranquil forest that is ideal for art lovers of all ages. The magic of the gallery lies in the range of sculptural talent and the diversity of the surrounding nature. The gallery is near many Rice Lake, Ontario cottages, so you can spend more time enjoying the natural and artistic beauty of the region.