Enjoy the views with waterfront cottages for rent in Ontario

Ontario is one of the most popular provinces in Canada for lakefront property simply because of the sheer number of lakes available in the region, and on its southern border, you won't find your average lakes. To the south lie the Great Lakes offering extensive aquatic adventures in calm waters that can stretch to the horizon depending on where you are. Book one of the waterfront cottages for rent in Ontario, and you'll find yourself just steps away from these impressive lakes and all the adventure they have to offer.

Find the best destination for waterfront cottage rentals in Ontario

To get the most out of waterfront cottage rentals in Ontario, you have to make sure you're booking your stay at the right place. There's plentiful waterfront throughout the province, so there are quite a few options to choose from. You may want to book a cottage near the shores of Toronto for a more urban waterfront experience, but there are additional options elsewhere if you prefer. Consider the benefits of each and the kind of experience you're looking to enjoy before booking your stay.

Discover waterfront cottages by Lake Ontario

Lake Ontario may be one of the smaller of the great lakes, but it comes full of opportunity if you're looking for an unforgettable lakefront vacation. The cottages in the area are quite diverse. You'll find waterfront property in Toronto and Hamilton that can offer an urban experience as well as aquatic fun on the lake. Additionally, this is where you'll find the iconic Niagara Falls, and there are quite a few cottages near this famous landmark that will put its stunning sights just steps away.

Explore Muskoka cottages for rent by the waterfront

On the eastern coast of Lake Huron, you'll find the Muskoka region of Ontario. Known as cottage country, Muskoka is home to all sorts of cottages on the water from which you can enjoy an unforgettable vacation experience. While you can book something close to Lake Huron, you may also want to find a cottage near the lakes further inland such as Lake Muskoka or Peninsula Lake near Huntsville. Remember, the further inland you go, the more secluded and quaint your stay will be as you escape the coastal crowds while still enjoying that waterfront adventure.

Best amenities in lakefront cottages in Ontario

To get the most out of lakefront cottages in Ontario, you need to make sure it has all the amenities you need to feel as if you're staying in a comfortable home away from home. With much of Ontario being considered cottage country, you'll find a wide variety of accommodation options available, but if you're looking specifically for waterfront rentals, there are a handful of amenities you shouldn't go without if you can avoid doing so. They include having an open deck, a dock, and potentially even boats or fishing equipment.

Waterfront cottages in Ontario with private boats

One of the best ways to enjoy lakefront property is to venture out into the water yourself. This is much easier if you book one of the waterfront cottages in Ontario with its own private dock, though even in many of those cases, you'll still have to provide your own boat. Some rentals strive to go above and beyond by including boats for you to use free of charge. There's a reasonable expectation that you'll keep them in good shape, but it's not that uncommon for you to find a kayak or aluminum fishing boat in the boathouse by a cottage that you're free to make use of. Remember, nothing allows you to enjoy the wonders of the lake quite like boating through the water rather than looking at it from shore.