Experience history with an Amsterdam houseboat rental

Amsterdam features kilometres of canals that wind around 18th-century buildings and fascinating museums, and there's no better way to experience the authenticity of the city than with an Amsterdam houseboat rental. In addition to its historic monuments and paintings from the Old Masters, Amsterdam has an array of innovative restaurants and chic shopping to give you a memorable trip. Learn more about getting an Amsterdam houseboat rental for your next holiday.

Who are houseboats in Amsterdam for?

From families with children to couples looking for a romantic vacation, a houseboat rental is an option for every type of traveller. Take a look at what you can expect from a houseboat rental in Amsterdam.


From the wonders of the Van Gogh Museum to long strolls through Vondelpark, Amsterdam is filled with romantic experiences to enjoy as a couple. The city offers endless opportunities for sightseeing at famous landmarks and museums, as well as nights on the town in some of the most creative restaurants and bars in Europe. You can find a houseboat rental on the Amstel river or canals for a quiet and private escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, while still staying close to all the attractions.


A houseboat may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of family-friendly accommodation, but Amsterdam houseboat rentals come in many sizes to fit your whole family comfortably. You can find kid-friendly houseboats that provide you with a unique experience during your trip while also allowing you to stay close to the best attractions for children. The kids will love experiences like boat tours, the Anne Frank House, Vondelpark, and the many museums that feature prominent Dutch painters.

History buffs

One of the biggest draws of Amsterdam is its rich history. If you're into heritage sites, you can explore everything from the Anne Frank House to the Royal Palace to fully immerse yourself in Amsterdam's unique past and preserved architecture. Booking a houseboat in Amsterdam gives you an authentic experience as well, as houseboats originated as a way to address housing demands and feature all the essential amenities.

Features and amenities of Amsterdam houseboats

From waterfront views to a kitchen for preparing meals, Amsterdam houseboats offer an experience that will remind you of home. Whether you want to relax inside with your travelling companions or enjoy a little luxury on your trip, here are some amenities you can find in Amsterdam houseboat rentals.

Kitchen or kitchenette

Long before houseboat rentals became an option for travellers, Amsterdam residents lived on houseboats, so they needed to have all the comforts of home. You can find houseboat rentals equipped with a kitchen or kitchenette to prepare your own meals for your family, along with drinkable tap water, hot running water, and more. Though you can dine in many places in Amsterdam, having the option to prepare your own meals helps you save on the trip and enjoy a little time alone with the family.

Waterfront views

Rentals with waterfront views are always a little luxurious and relaxing, and with a houseboat rental, you'll be treated to stunning views on all sides. Many houseboats come with a deck and seating area that allow you to spend time outside and take in the sunrise, sunset, and the lights of the city at night. Best of all, you'll be treated to some of the best views of the city's landmarks, such as Skinny Bridge.

Modern luxuries

If you want the feeling of a luxury hotel, you can find an array of luxurious houseboat rentals that feature modern amenities for a decadent retreat. You can find boats with features like a loft, a roof terrace, private decks, en suite bathrooms, and more, so you can relax in the lap of luxury for the entire trip. Luxury houseboats can be found in the same areas as well, so you can stay close to the city centre and the attractions.