Explore the seas with BVI yacht charters

Surrounded by turquoise waters, sun-soaked beaches, and charming harbours, the British Virgin Islands offer an island oasis for world-weary travellers. You can dine with views of the sea, lounge on white-sand beaches, dive among sunken ships, and wander the landscape to spot sea turtles and other wildlife, all with BVI yacht charters.

Who are Caribbean yacht charters for?

Whether you want to spend your time in the British Virgin Islands or other areas of the Caribbean, you can find all types of yacht charters that give you the highlights of the destination for a relaxing trip. Take a look at what you can expect from yacht charters.

Romantic charters

Few experiences are as romantic as a yacht charter to a tropical paradise. With a romantic yacht charter, you'll have an itinerary designed to take you to the top spots in all of the Caribbean and British Virgin Islands, such as the pristine beaches, exciting bars, top-notch restaurants, and local attractions. When you book a yacht charter, you can design your itinerary to ensure you get the vacation experience you want.

Family-friendly charters

Kids can find all types of fun in the Caribbean, from viewing local wildlife and coral reefs to enjoying activities in the islands' villages. Many of the Caribbean's beaches offer soft sand and shallow, gentle surf with clear waters that are perfect for little ones to swim and wade. You could also find fun activities and shops on the islands' piers and oceanside areas. With a yacht charter, all your needs are taken care of, so you can focus on spending time and making memories with the family.

Nature charters

From snorkelling and diving to sunbathing and swimming off the beach, a yacht charter puts you in touch with the best features of the island landscapes. You can enjoy secluded anchorages with opportunities to get in the water and see the vibrant marine life, relaxed evenings watching the sunset over the water, and nights out with parties at beachside bars. No matter how you want to explore the outdoors, charters get you up close and personal with the beauty of the Caribbean.

Types of yacht charters to the Caribbean

Whether you want a crew catering to your needs or prefer a more self-reliant experience, you can have whatever you want with a yacht charter to the Caribbean. From inclusive luxury to bare-bones trips, here are the types of yacht charter experiences you can expect.

Luxury crewed charters

For top-notch luxury in a stunning island destination, luxury crewed charters are the best option. The pinnacle of exclusive luxury, extravagant crewed charters are like floating on a luxury hotel resort, complete with a crew and chef to cater to your needs. A luxury crewed charter is the perfect choice for a group of friends or a couple's trip, while families can enjoy the added benefit of spending more time relaxing and experiencing the activities on the islands.

Powered yacht charters

Powered yacht charters are available with a skipper for a little adventure and luxury in one. You can also book a powered yacht charter and man it yourself for some fun and excitement on the trip, along with the freedom to set your own course. Powered charters come with a variety of options and itineraries to suit your needs, so they're a great choice for all types of travellers.

Sailing charters

If you enjoy the experience of sailing, you can book a sailing yacht charter and take control of your own journey. When you sail yourself, you'll have a challenging experience and a great story to tell, along with the freedom to stop and enjoy whatever activities or attractions you want along the way. If you like the feeling of sailing the seas but don't have the experience to do it yourself, you can book a sailing yacht with a skipper to help guide the way.