Live the high life with a luxury yacht rental

If you're looking for unrivalled luxury when you're booking your next vacation, consider opting for a luxury yacht rental. With these unique accommodation options, you can take to the water and spend the night on the boat as there's plenty of room for the entire family. It's not uncommon for these yachts to have 2 or 3 bedrooms, some of which have multiple beds in each. From this unique perspective, you can explore marinas and beachfront destinations like never before.

What to look for in luxury boats

When you're trying to book the best of the available luxury boats, you should consider what kind of trip you're expecting to have. By laying out your expectations beforehand, you'll be in a much better position to have the ultimate vacation experience. Luxury boats tend to have plenty of room, but luxury doesn't always mean spacious if you're looking to bring the whole family along. Additionally, luxury boats tend to be docked near some great restaurants by the marina, especially if you book near Stock Island. With that in mind, consider whether or not you want a full kitchen. Plenty of luxury boats have a full kitchen, but not all of them do.

Discover luxury houseboat rentals with a full kitchen

One of the best features you can find in luxury houseboat rentals is a full kitchen. With that feature in place, you won't have to leave the houseboat to find delicious food. They're more common in houseboats, but you can also find them in smaller boat rentals and yachts. Typically, a houseboat will have all the features of a kitchen you'd find in a house on the land. Yachts tend to offer much of the same albeit in a smaller version. You can find a stove, microwave, refrigerator, and toaster easily enough, but counter space and a full oven are a bit harder to come by.

Explore luxury houseboats with smaller boats included

Most luxury houseboats are going to be anchored in place on the water preventing you from actually exploring with the boat itself. That doesn't mean your entire adventure needs to be restricted to one spot, however, as many luxury houseboats and other boat rentals will come with a smaller boat that you're free to use as you see fit. You can find a luxury yacht that comes with a kayak allowing you to venture out into the water and explore the surrounding area. This newly added level of freedom can change the way you experience your entire vacation, especially if it allows you to explore regions like the bay by Maalaea.

Best destinations for luxury yacht rentals

To get the most out of luxury yacht rentals and your adventure at sea, you'll need to find one in a scenic destination that offers plenty of attractions both on and off the water. The shore is a given since you're booking a boat rental, so it's best to consider what the inland area has to offer when deciding the best destination for your boat rentals. You may want to consider how busy the destination is compared to more quiet locations that make it easier to relax. You'll also want to consider general regions that will have luxury options on offer. That typically goes hand in hand with popularity, but don't think your desire for luxury yacht rentals means more uncommon locations are completely off the list.

Book luxury boats near Key West

On the southern tip of Florida, you'll find the Key West area. It's widely known for its incredible tropical offerings where you'll find sparkling blue waters and white sandy beaches. Luxury boats are plentiful in this area as marinas are located across just about every bit of shoreline that's not a beach. Given the area's popularity, it's easy to find a yacht rental that offers luxurious amenities like a full kitchen and a smaller explorer boat you can freely access. Plus, there's plenty of shopping, dining, and nightlife opportunities inland.