Unwind on the water with a Shuswap houseboat

Located in British Columbia, Shuswap Lake is one of the top lake destinations in Canada and draws many visitors for its outdoor recreation. The lake has over 1,000 kilometres of shoreline surrounded by spectacular wilderness and scenery for a relaxing retreat. It's also among the top destinations for houseboat rentals. If you're planning a trip to Shuswap, take a look at the options for houseboat rentals and find out why they're such a great choice for your trip.

Who are Shuswap Lake houseboat rentals for?

A houseboat is a novel way to spend your vacation, whether you want to spend as much time as you can exploring or you'd rather float along and unwind. Take a look at what kinds of houseboat rentals are available on Shuswap Lake.

Romantic couples

The tranquil lake environment sets the stage for a romantic retreat, especially with a houseboat rental. Whether you prefer spending time relaxing or exploring the outdoors, a houseboat is a private, peaceful spot where you can bond and reconnect. Plenty of romantic houseboats are available in the Shuswap area that give you stunning views and opportunities to enjoy the outdoors.

Families with children

Known for its beaches, crystal-blue waters, and abundance of whales, Shuswap is an excellent destination for a family trip with kids. You can find large houseboats with all the amenities of home to keep the kids comfortable and entertained, all within reach of the wonders of the region. Kids will love being able to swim and play in the water while you relax on the deck, and you'll have your choice of beaches and parks to explore.

Outdoor enthusiasts

In addition to the lake system itself, the Shuswap area is also home to a variety of provincial parks, including Shuswap Lake Provincial Park, Silver Beach Provincial Park, and Herald Provincial Park. Between the waterways and the wilderness, Shuswap is an adventure playground for outdoor enthusiasts. You can do everything from canoeing, kayaking, and paddleboarding on the lake to biking, hiking, and climbing in the forest and parks. No matter how you're looking to spend your time, a houseboat surrounds you with the serenity of the water and all the outdoor fun you could want.

Features and amenities of Shuswap Lake houseboat rentals

Houseboats come in many varieties and styles to give you the comforts of home, whether you want luxury or charm. You can find many different types of houseboats with amenities that range from practical and convenient to luxurious and decadent. Take a look at what you can expect from houseboat rentals in Shuswap.

Modern luxuries

Despite being on the water, a houseboat offers many of the same features as you'd find in a conventional vacation rental. Houseboats are available with modern features like upscale kitchens, large bedrooms, large decks with seating areas, electronic entertainment like game systems and televisions with streaming services, WiFi, and more. Houseboats are also available with kid-friendly features like a sun pad or swim pad. With all these features, you'll have an array of options to keep yourself and the kids entertained in between sightseeing.

Essential features

In addition to the luxurious options, houseboats are self-contained and offer all the practical features of home. Houseboats come with a kitchen and appliances for cooking, electrical outlets, running water, and more so you won't have to rough it on the trip. When you have everything you need in one place, you'll never have to venture away from the fun of the water and time spent enjoying your family.


One of the best features of a houseboat is the freedom it gives you to explore. In a place like Shuswap with so many parks, beaches, and attractions, you'll want to be able to set your own itinerary and experience as much as possible. You can travel to different beaches and explore the charming lakefront communities and villages, rather than being stuck in one place for the whole trip.