Enjoy the simple life with a farmhouse for rent

If you’ve always longed to get in touch with the local food movement and what connects the fields to your fork, a farm stay is an illuminating experience that immerses you in the farming lifestyle. Farm stays range from rustic and simple to luxurious and peaceful country retreats, giving you all the options you could want for your experience. With a farmhouse for rent, you’ll be in the heart of an authentic farm for fun with the kids, romance as a couple, or simply an opportunity to relax and unwind.

Who are farm stays for?

Whether you want a simple, educational trip for the kids or you want to experience the farming lifestyle for yourself, a farm stay on a working farm is a unique vacation experience. Learn more about what you can expect from a farm stay to plan your trip.

Families with kids

If you want your children to enjoy unique experiences like collecting eggs, milking cows, harvesting food, and riding horses, a farm stay is the ideal choice. Authentic farmhouse rentals give you a chance to live on a working farm and experience the day-to-day life of farmers to appreciate where your food comes from. For the adults, relaxing in the country and enjoying the laid-back farming lifestyle is the perfect way to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

Romantic couples

If you want to escape the high energy and fast pace of the city, a farm stay offers a quiet, rural retreat with fresh air, homegrown food, and the idyllic country views. Couples will find a lot to bond over, from working with farm animals to harvesting food and learning to prepare down-home country recipes, all while enjoying the outdoors. If you don’t want to 'rough it', farmhouses range from luxurious to rustic, so you can choose the accommodation that works best for you.

Animal and nature lovers

One of the greatest advantages of staying on a working farm is experiencing the farming lifestyle and getting up-close and personal with the animals. You can learn to milk a cow, tend to chickens, or ride cow horses across the countryside to get a feel for the rural life and take in the idyllic scenery in the country. You’ll also get in touch with nature while experiencing the joy of growing and harvesting your own food, raising your own animals, and reaping the benefits of your hard work.

Best places for farmhouses in Ontario

From the outskirts of the city to the lush valleys of Ontario, you have plenty of options for idyllic retreats in the countryside. Take a look at the best places for farmhouses in Ontario that give you a chance to unplug and get in the groove of the country life.

Grand Valley farmhouses

Filled with charming villages and hamlets, Grand Valley is a picturesque destination with a variety of working farms for a unique farm stay experience. You can find farmhouses for rent in Grand Valley that give you an array of activities, such as goat farms with shmurgle-ing and goat-milk soap making, bison farms on the edge of the parklands with farm animal sanctuaries and tours, and traditional farms for milking cows by day and telling ghost stories over a campfire at night.

Ottawa Valley farmhouses

Ottawa Valley has a rich beef and corn-farming heritage, as well as an abundance of local craft breweries. Located near the city, Ottawa Valley has an array of farm stays that give you a chance to experience cattle farming and corn harvesting, farm workshops, artisan food production, and ranch-style meals in the picturesque countryside of Ontario.