Which Kamloops house rental is your perfect match?

The word Kamloops itself is the English translation of a native word meaning “where the rivers meet.” The city is located in the perfect setting between 2 rivers in one of the sunniest parts of British Columbia. With an abundance of history, culture, sport, and nature to explore, where better to find houses for rent that match the city’s best assets?

Vacation rentals in Kamloops offer exceptional amenities

With the abundance of waterways in the area, many Kamloops rental homes are located right on one of the rivers or lakes. The views are amazing, and the outdoor adventures are endless. While there are several other options including apartments and condos, the vacation homes provide the comfort you want when you’re searching for a home away from home.

In-home laundry makes an extended stay easier

With a vacation home, many of them allow access to a washing machine and dryer. If you plan to stay for a long while, this makes packing as well as day-to-day living easier. Most other options like hotels, shared homes, or apartments don’t provide a service like this or it raises the cost of the rental. This and many other amenities make staying in and choosing a vacation home in Kamloops even easier.

Full kitchens make vacations homier

When you feel like you’ve seen the sights of Kamloops and you’ve tried much of the cuisine in the area, having a kitchen just like yours at home is nice to fall back on. Maybe you like to wake up and make your own cup of coffee in the morning, and you can definitely do that when you stay in a rental home. Many homes available for rent offer full kitchens that are also fully stocked with supplies and basic spices or ingredients for your use.

Outdoor enjoyment from the comfort of home

Many of the homes in the area offer alternative amenities like pools, patios, and even bikes for use. After a long day of soaking in the rich culture of Kamloops, you can come home and enjoy the sunset on the patio, or take a refreshing dip in the pool right in the backyard. Having these opportunities gives you the option to continue to enjoy your vacation, even if you decide to spend a day at home.

Nearby outings in Kamloops

Kamloops is said to be the friendliest city in British Columbia. You have many options for fun activities in the area including exploring the culture of downtown, taking in the many sporting events, or traversing the beautiful mountains and rivers surrounding the city. By booking one of the Kamloops house rentals near your favourite attraction, you can find fun just steps away.

Sporting events are a staple in Kamloops

Kamloops is Canada’s tournament capital and has many new and exciting things put into place under the Tournament Capital project. Many of their sporting facilities are brand new, which makes going to a local hockey game an experience unique to Kamloops. The city also offers an expansive array of 13 golf courses to choose from. With the mountains right nearby, skiing is another outing to try, and houses for rent in Kamloops are available near all of these destinations.

Hiking trails and driving tours to accommodate everyone

There are many options for outdoor trails to hike or walk through all kinds of terrain including the mountains, desert, river walks, valleys, orchards, and just about anything in between. Kamloops is certified as the very first city in the Americas to get the Sustainable Tourism Destination accreditation. Paul Lake Provincial Park is especially popular for outdoor adventurers in Kamloops, though it's fairly easy to find house rentals near virtually every park in the area.

Discovering downtown Kamloops

Downtown Kamloops offers a variety of fun things to see year-round. Every Monday, the city hosts Open Mic Mondays and has many other music events pass through. You have endless places to eat, drink, and shop to your heart’s desire. If you’d like to see more of the history of the area, you can visit one of the museums in town. Art galleries are peppered throughout Kamloops, making the city rich in diverse cultures. By booking one of the downtown Kamloops house rentals, you can enjoy all the convenience of the city with these incredible events and attractions just a short walk from your home away from home.