Enjoy a pet vacation with pet-friendly houses for rent

Boasting pet-friendly beaches, parks, restaurants, cafes, and other attractions, Canada’s exciting destinations welcome dogs and cats with open arms. You can find all types of fun attractions and activities for you and your pet, along with excellent pet-friendly houses for rent to keep everyone happy and comfortable.

Best destinations for pet-friendly houses

From dedicated dog cafes to off-leash areas and dog-friendly attractions, many of Canada’s large cities and small towns offer pet-friendly attractions and vacation rentals for a fun-filled trip for you and your pet. Take a look at some of the best destinations in Canada for a vacation with your dog.

Edmonton pet-friendly houses

With excellent museums, parks, hiking trails, dedicated off-leash areas, and an array of cafes and restaurants, Edmonton is one of the best places for a vacation with your dog. You can find plenty of pet-friendly house rentals in Edmonton, all with different features for human comfort and enjoyment as well.

Regina dog-friendly rentals

Boasting cafes, brewing companies, pubs, salons, and off-leash dog parks, Regina has a range of dog-friendly attractions. You can experience the best of the city with your dog by your side, especially with the wide selection of pet-friendly house rentals in Regina. You can find vacation rentals near parks and walking areas for convenient access for midnight and early-morning walks, or homes in more rural areas with their own dedicated backyard space.

Calgary dog-friendly houses

Along with parks and other outdoor spaces, Calgary offers plenty of indoor attractions that allow pets to join you for sightseeing. You can bring dogs in many museums and historic sites, as well as a range of cafes and restaurants. In warm weather, Calgary also has patios that offer dinner and drinks for you and water bowls, mats, and a 3-course tasting menu for your dog. If you’re planning to visit Calgary, there’s no shortage of pet-friendly house rentals that give you everything you need to make the most of the trip.

Features and amenities of dog-friendly houses

If you’re going to bring your dog with you on your trip, you want more than a city with pet-friendly attractions. Pet-friendly house rentals include all the essentials you could want for your pet, so you can rest assured that your pets will be happy and comfortable throughout the trip. Take a look at the types of amenities you can find in pet-friendly rental homes.

Dog essentials

Many dog-friendly rental homes come with all the practical features you need for your pet, such as dog food and water bowls, crates, fenced-in areas, dog beds, and more. If you do happen to need pet supplies during the trip, you can find chain and family-owned pet supply stores, veterinary clinics, groomers, and other dog essentials in town to get what you need.

Backyard play areas

Even with a lot of sightseeing, you may need space for your dog to run and play to release some energy. Many rental houses include fenced-in or open outdoor areas for play and exercise, giving you a chance to enjoy some time outdoors alone with your dog. When it comes to walks, having a convenient outdoor space right outside your door is a great help with early-morning or late-night bathroom breaks.

Dog-focused fun

Along with essential amenities, dog-friendly house rentals include a lot of fun and enrichment for your dog, such as chew toys, frisbees, balls, and other dog-appropriate toys for fun and play outside. You could even find houses with luxurious dog amenities, such as outdoor play structures, dog runs, or community indoor play area access in cold or rainy weather. Best of all, pet-friendly houses can be found with exciting features for you, such as lavish decor, decks, private gardens, pools, and more.