Get back-to-basics with a tiny house rental

Combining hotel-like luxury with the simple life, a tiny house rental gives you unrivalled access to the outdoors with friends or family. You can enjoy a cozy atmosphere and luxurious amenities, all in top destinations like New York City, the Rocky Mountains, and Canada cottage country near the big cities. You'll find no shortage of tiny house rental options to book for your trip, whether you need space for the whole family or just want some room to yourself.

Who are tiny houses for?

From unique offerings to traditional homes reimagined as a tiny house, tiny houses come in virtually every option to suit your needs. Check out the types of vacations you can have with a tiny house vacation rental.


With so many destinations to choose from and ample privacy, tiny houses are a great option for a vacation for 2. You can find romantic tiny houses with lavish decor, a cozy atmosphere, hot tubs, and other amenities for an enjoyable couple’s retreat, all in some of the best destinations in the world. With a tiny house rental for a couple, you can spend your time resting, recharging, and spending time together to rekindle the romance.


For families with children, nothing beats a tiny house. You can find tiny houses that offer space and comfort for the whole family, even with a bunch of kids, so you can have a wholesome family vacation. Whether you want to be on the beach, in the mountains, or close to the attractions of the city, a tiny house vacation rental helps you save on your getaway and teach the kids about sustainable living.

Nature lovers

Between the beautiful outdoor destinations and sustainability, a tiny house rental is the perfect choice for a nature lover. You can relax in the great outdoors and take in the beauty of the landscape, all outside your front door. With rentals on the sand, in the country, in the mountains, and in the rainforest, there’s no shortage of options for your ideal vacation scenery.

Features and amenities of tiny houses

From luxurious homes on the beach to rustic getaways in the wilds, tiny houses are available in all sizes and varieties in some of the best destinations you could find. Take a look at what you can expect from tiny house vacation rentals.

Top destinations

Tiny houses allow you to focus fully on your destination, whether you’re planning time with the kids, a couple’s retreat, or just some time alone. Tiny houses are available throughout the world for all kinds of exciting travel hotspots, from the mountains and parklands to the prime beaches on the ocean or lakes. With a tiny house rental, you’ll be able to get out into nature and enjoy all the activities you wish on your vacation.


If you’re undecided between a conventional hotel room and a house rental, a tiny house can be the perfect solution. Even with the most luxurious or modern of tiny houses, you’re still getting a private rental in top destinations for around the price of a hotel room. You can find luxury houses, country getaway houses, and houses with decadent amenities, ensuring that you have a hotel-like experience on your trip.


Tiny houses come in all shapes and sizes, giving you excellent amenities and all the space you need for your travelling companions. You can find tiny houses with a hot tub, beach rentals, outdoor mini houses, secluded wilderness homes, and more, so you can get the rental you want without sacrificing the amenities that matter most. Many tiny houses are also pet-friendly, so you can bring your best friend along for the trip and enjoy adventures in the great outdoors. Best of all, tiny houses are sustainable and environmentally friendly, so you’re doing your part for the environment while you enjoy some relaxation in nature.