Many properties can be similar to a tiny house, like cottages and coach houses, but those aren’t quite tiny enough. A true tiny house is generally 400 square feet or less. They can be built on wheels for a portable property or built on a foundation, but they are always independent structures. The general idea of having a tiny house is to have a more efficient lifestyle, so the more closely the home follows that ideal, the better.

Ontario tiny houses come in a variety of styles

Tiny homes come in all kinds of styles to fit your unique taste. Whether you’re looking for an outdoor escape in a cute little cabin, something more stylized, or you just want to experience everyday tiny home living for yourself, you can find any of these and more throughout Ontario.

Connect with nature in this off-grid tiny cabin

This tiny house is actually a tiny cabin located on 10 private acres along the Consecon River in Prince Edward County. Despite the small size and the rural location, this property has everything you need to vacation comfortably. The kitchen is fully stocked and while there is no running water, there is an outdoor shower provided. Space is utilized nicely in the cabin, with a cozy loft bedroom perched above the open floor plan of the living area. While you’re enjoying this quiet getaway, try out the canoe on the river or hike a nearby trail.

Live luxuriously in this chic tiny house

Find a different kind of escape with this adorable tiny house in the heart of Niagara on 12 acres of wetlands. This house is fitted with beautiful white furniture and accents and offers all the amenities you can find in a regular-sized house. Features include a washer and dryer, a hot tub, a second-storey bedroom, and a fully stocked kitchen and bathroom. Staying out on the wetlands means you get to enjoy all the relaxing sounds of nature around you while also being just 30 minutes away from in-town attractions like shopping and wineries. Also nearby is, of course, the amazing Niagara River and Niagara Falls, making this property an ideal stay.

Minimalism is on-trend

Living with less is something that many people have picked up in their daily lives. If you think you may want to declutter your lifestyle, maybe renting a tiny home is a good place to start. You can use this vacation experience to not only see beautiful sites away from home, but also to test what it would really be like to maneuver life with fewer stressors and, of course, less space.

Living smaller makes for easy travel

Many people have built their tiny houses on wheels, making anywhere in the world their home. Reducing the amount of stuff you have and putting it all into a tiny, portable house is an adventure in itself. Imagine living on the beach one day, in town the next, and away from everything in the quiet serenity of the forest the next. This is something made possible by the freedom of a tiny house.

Unique living awaits

Whether you’re owning or renting a tiny house, it definitely makes life interesting. Comfort doesn't need to be sacrificed in the light of less space, but it can be creatively fashioned. Staying in a tiny house in Ontario is great inspiration for exploring creative options in your own home, such as storage, furniture usage, and design choices. The opportunities are endless.