Whether you're looking for a party or an adventure at Walt Disney World, Florida will welcome you with its hospitality. It's easy to see why Florida became a destination for snowbirds hiding from the cold. You could walk the beach for hours and be entertained by locals and the sounds of the ocean waves lapping at the shore.

The best resorts in Florida will capture your heart

With ocean and beaches as far as the eye can see, Florida resorts live up to their reputation. You can walk up and down the beach and find new places to explore, and you'll be constantly entertained by the offerings along Florida's shoreline. At night, the world is turned on its head, so be ready for the time of your life.

Oceanfront Resort Hotel

With all the amenities you could ask for, the Oceanfront Resort Hotel can accommodate your whole family in a suite with a full kitchen and ocean views. The large, private suites at this beach resort will welcome you like a second home. With in-suite washing machines and dryers, you won't have to worry about the post-vacation slump caused by having to do laundry while you're jet-lagged.

Wyndham Bonnet Creek Resort

A family-friendly resort in Orlando like no other, Wyndham Bonnet Creek Resort situates you near several theme parks and tons of family entertainment. With a large private pool and even a lazy river, this resort is all you need for a relaxing stay in Florida. You'll be able to enjoy hours of sunshine and activities for the whole family.

Things to do for the whole family in Florida

Kid-friendly daytime activities are virtually endless here. Home of Disney World and Universal Studios, Florida offers many adventures to choose from. You can vacation your way in Florida resorts.

Speedboat sightseeing

These boats quickly whisk you on an exciting and informative tour of the local areas, whether you're staying at an island resort in the Florida Keys or you're in Miami. It's a great way to check out the landscape and feel the wind in your hair. Thrill-seekers will definitely be engaged by these powerful boats.

Gator Park airboat tours

One of the most unique things to do on your vacation is to hop on an airboat tour of the famous Florida Everglades. Home to many species, including alligators, the Everglades' unique landscape is sure to captivate you. The "river of grass" that is the Everglades is a unique ecosystem that is a treat to behold.