Discover a relaxing getaway at the best Costa Rica resorts

Whether you’re looking to explore the rainforest or settle down with a stellar view, Costa Rica offers more than the eyes are ready to behold. Costa Rica is home to many unique sites, features, and landscapes, from volcanoes to its beaches and diverse wildlife. Costa Rica beach resorts are a unique gem in the heart of Central America.

The best resorts in Costa Rica

Enjoy your stay at a luxury Costa Rica resort, where you have a number of accommodation options available. Enjoy private gyms, fine dining, and so many other amenities during your stay in beautiful Costa Rica. The local hospitality is warm and just as inviting as the ocean views. Stick around for any amount of time and you won’t hesitate to book your next stay.

Parallel9 Resort

If you're looking for views, Parallel9 Resort has many that will astound you, from unique formations out at sea to the surrounding jungle life. Wake up to howler monkeys and spend your day trying to spot a sloth. They don’t move fast, but they sure blend in. Close to all the conveniences you could ask for, but with the privacy of mountain living, you can fully enjoy the landscape spreading out beneath you in a luxury retreat.

Manuel Antonio

A resort that features 3 stunning pools is what you'll discover at Manuel Antonio. Whether you enjoy walking to the beach or exploring the jungle, the unreal sunset views over the Pacific Ocean won’t disappoint. You'll also spot endless wildlife whenever you step outside, including your private balcony. You can walk to nearby restaurants and surround yourself with all that the local lifestyle has to offer in breathtaking Costa Rica.

Wildlife, restaurants, and beaches in Costa Rica

You don't even have to drive to a restaurant, as all the best ones are within walking distance of your resort. Check out the wildlife in the jungle or relax on the stunning beaches. Costa Rica resorts offer something for everyone.

Toucans, howlers, and frogs, oh my!

Do your best to spot the adorable sloths in the rainforest, but they can be tricky to see with their excellent camouflage. The vibrant colours of toucans and the many frogs are unreal and it's amazing how close they can get. Best of all, the rainforest is home to many howler monkeys, which are easily recognized by their calls.

Local restaurants offer amazing dining experiences

Whether you’re looking to stay at the resort or explore the town, Costa Rica has some of the best food Latin America can offer. From fine dining experiences to many takeaway options, don’t hesitate to try something new on your adventure from Costa Rica resorts.

Beaches in Costa Rica

The local beaches offer unique features, like the world-famous Whale’s Tail. Take a stroll through the sand or snorkel in the clear blue waters. You’re sure to see many species of fish if you take a dip. The ocean water is warm and calming, and the beaches are also the perfect place to enjoy gorgeous West Coast sunsets just steps away from your vacation rental.