Live your best life at a Varadero, Cuba, resort

The rolling hills, endless tobacco fields, and stunning white beaches of Cuba are just a few of the attractions here. The resorts on the island offer unique experiences that will elevate your Caribbean vacation. Whether you’re looking for an all-inclusive dream vacation or something a little more subtle, the island will welcome you like a warm hug. With so much to do on the island and the delightful escape from the stress of work, you will be entranced the moment you step foot into a Varadero, Cuba, resort.

Island hospitality

Beach resorts in Cuba offer endless hospitality. Whether you need to entertain your family or a large group of friends, the options here are endless. The resorts often have completely adult-oriented sections and other areas for family-friendly activities. Each resort offers many luxuries like air conditioning and WiFi connections that can be hard to find around the island. Staying at a Varadero beach resort will stun you with the island’s beauty.

Top resorts in Cuba

Many tourists will tell you, Cuba offers some of the best resorts in the Caribbean, including resorts in Varadero. With the world-famous azure blue waters of the tropical region lapping at the shore of the island, it’s easy to see why. Beach resorts offer a wide range of activities, from tennis courts, 24-hour gyms, and endless restaurants and bars to choose from. So tan the day away at the pool or enjoy the offerings of your vacation rental, but either way, Cuba will treat you like kings and queens.

The best beach in Cuba

Staying at a Varadero beach resort will put you directly on the islands best beach just 2 hours from the Havana airport. A thin peninsula jetting out into the Caribbean gives you sunrise and sunset vistas that you won’t experience anywhere else. A trip to Varadero makes it easy to see the island's unique charm. The small town is perfectly accommodating for families and large groups of travellers alike.

Unwind in Cuba

With endless activities in the resorts and all over the island, you can explore all of your favourite activities in unique ways on the island. From the infamous Tropicana to cigar factories all over the island. Take a walk through the stunning paradise that is the island of Cuba. Between the cabaret, rum, and white sandy beaches, you can’t go wrong vacationing in Cuba.

Visit the famous Tropicana

Book your tickets in advance and prepare to be entertained by the famous shows at Tropicana. The location is known around the world and with good reason. Try the island’s delicious rum and enjoy a show all in 1 cool establishment. Sure to be the highlight of your trip, Tropicana opened in the late 1930s and has been entertaining guests endlessly ever since.

Cuban cigars

Even the island’s capital is named after one of its largest exports, cigars. Take a tour of a tobacco factory and the green seas that are the tobacco fields. Smoke freshly rolled cigars with your friends and enjoy the stunning vistas the way the locals do. It’s easy to get used to the relaxing island pace at places like these while enjoying life’s luxuries from your beach resort.

World-famous beaches

The beach resorts in Cuba put you directly in touch with the rolling waves of the stunningly blue Caribbean waters. If you’re looking for endless white sand, you won’t be disappointed. Walk the beaches and watch as the water shifts colours, mixing with the sand, swirling and turning in stunning abstract beauty.