The gorgeous blue waters off the coast of the island are more than enough to convince any traveller. Take it easy and unwind while soaking up the seemingly endless rays of sunshine. Many resorts are right on the beach meaning you step out your door into an idyllic painting. Go back in time and rent a classic car or tour a tobacco factory to enjoy world-famous Cuban cigars. Whatever you do here is sure to give you a lifetime of memories.

The best resorts in Cuba

Resorts here offer the luxuries you’re used to at home, but with better views such as staring out into the ocean from your window or balcony. You’re sure to be captivated by the endless sea and crashing waves. If that’s not enough, you can completely remove yourself from home as the island has limited WiFi, so it’s best to plan ahead for any communication back to the office or family. Let people know ahead of time and truly unwind when you find yourself in Cuba away from all the stress.

Superior comfort

Luxury stays at beachside resorts are just the start of the list. Many of the hotels offer gyms, restaurants, and concierge services to help you during your stay. With plenty of kid-friendly entertainment and a thriving nightlife, the country is designed for a good time. The whole family has something to choose from when looking at activities for the day, whether you’re looking to spend the day at the beach or hang out while shopping in the city.

Personalized service

This island will welcome you in like long lost family. The many all-inclusive resorts feature endless activities like bars and nightclubs, tennis courts, and stunning natural landscapes. If you’re looking for an entertaining stay away from it all, Cuba resorts offer luxury stays with everything at your fingertips. So pack some bathing suits and prepare to enjoy hours of entertainment and activities, as there’s no way to be bored in Cuba.

Classic Cars

All your favourite classic cars can be seen almost anywhere on the island. Classic muscle cars and the infamous VW Beetle dot the landscape almost as much as tobacco plants! The bright colours of the island are only matched by the bright colour of these classic beauties. Whether you’re a car lover or not, it’s quite a unique thing to see.

Let Cuba treat you

Cuba’s endless hospitality knows no bounds. From the natural landscape and the serene blues of the ocean, the island has many activities to enjoy. Keep an eye out for your favourite classic car or hang out at the beach, and you’re sure to find endless entertainment in this vibrant country, only steps away from Cuba vacation rentals.

Spend time at the beach

The main reason many people are looking for a vacation is to have some relaxing time at the beach. The beaches near the resorts in Cuba are visions of beautiful white sand and azure blue ocean water. The sound of the ocean will calm and relax away any worries you may have. Walking on the beach at sunset will bring you views of mixing colours over the breathtaking landscapes.

World-famous cigars

Enjoy cigars that have literally just been rolled by taking a tour through a cigar factory. Havana boasts one of the island’s world-famous factories where you can enjoy the product while looking out into the green seas that are the tobacco fields. Factory tours show a classic tradition that many travellers choose during their resort stays in Cuba.