Leave the worries and stress at home, there’s no place for unease on the stunning island. Paradise in the Caribbean is definitely epitomized in Roatan. The island is home to many animals and reptiles and you can even find an iguana farm. The azure waters will be a long-lasting memory and seeing the many species of wildlife at your doorstep at a Roatan resort is a unique experience.

Roatan resorts offer many experiences

Take life easier on the island of Roatan, the island offers many enticing things to see and do. Plenty of diving and snorkelling options are available so that you can be sure to see some unique sea creatures during your stay on the island. The Caribbean waters around the island offer stunning greens and blues. The many amenities at your disposal are sure to entertain the whole family.

A private retreat

The island’s many beaches offer stunning views, private resorts, offer a unique experience. Enjoy private beach access and plenty of amenities. Surround yourself with swaying palm trees and the ocean surf. Whether you’re looking to spend the day on the water or on the beach, Roatan resorts ensure that you have plenty of both. Try and spot the wildlife filling the rainforest and ocean around.

Beach villas

Nothing says vacation like a beachfront villas. Every day is a day in paradise when you’re in this vacation rental. Explore the beautiful Half Moon Bay and wade in the waters of the Caribbean. Immerse yourself in the local life by trying the many restaurants and eateries. Stay connected with WiFi and air conditioning or escape it all out on the water. Shape your vacation into everything you’ve dreamed of for this rental is sure to please.

Things to do in Roatan

Roatan dive resorts feature many activities. So if you’re looking to explore the barrier reef or relax in the sun and sand, you’re in for a treat. This gem off the coast of Central America has a host of wildlife and activities to enjoy and see. Check out one of the many tours that take you out over the reef and around the beautiful island from your Roatan resort.

Go diving

One of the biggest draws of Roatan is that it boasts the 2nd-largest barrier reef in the world. The coral surrounds the island and provides a home for many species of fish. Whether you’re looking to free dive while snorkelling or spend your time scuba diving, you’ll see vibrantly coloured fish all around. With such a large reef, there are potentially thousands of diving locations.

Stretch out on pearly white beaches

The beaches of Roatan are stunning with white swathes of sand stretching forever. You can walk out during low tide to ever-changing beaches and sand bars. The shallow waters are sure to create lasting memories in this beautiful location. Check out unique spots like Pigeon Cay Beach, renowned for its feeling of seclusion.

Take a glass-bottomed-boat tour

Not a fan of getting wet or diving? Many companies offer private or group tours throughout the reef. These clear-bottomed vessels offer a unique look into the reef without having to worry about damaging the fragile ecosystem. Support the local businesses and enjoy an unforgettable experience located near your Roatan resort.