Detach from the stress of work and life at home with the best resorts in Jamaica that will make you forget it all. Whether you’re looking to tour around or visit the ever-popular destinations like Montego Bay and Negril, island life awaits. Settle down for a while because Jamaica will open up more and more as you explore the island’’s many offerings and features. From stunning landscapes to clear blue seas.

Know true relaxation in a Jamaican resort

Relax, unwind, and drink to your heart’s content in Jamaica, the island offers a ton of things to do and see. Luxury resorts, fine dining, and endless activities are located everywhere on the island. Whether you’re looking for an adventure or rest and relaxation, the island life has a way of meeting the needs of every visitor. Take a load off and unwind in paradise surrounded by white sand and clear blue water.

Explore a colourful life

Enjoy a colourful vacation with a stunning oceanview suite at the Holiday Haven Resort & Banquet Hall. Traditional Jamaican flair and beauty fill your vacation with a certain joy. The island life is captured beautifully in the views surrounding your resort. Whether you’ve come by plane or cruise ship, the island offers its warm hospitality to all who visit. Slow down for a while and absorb the colourful island before heading back to your concrete jungle.

Island luxury

Jamaican resorts offer a unique and colourful charm, and Mystic Ridge Resort in stunning Ocho Rios takes it a step further. The island's many palm trees and jungles surround your resort in privacy. Enjoy a private vacation away from it all. Relax and unwind with serene views and quiet breezes. The best resorts in Jamaica offer the best of the island's many treats. From fresh coconut water to delicious island rum, the resorts make sure everyone is satisfied with their stay.

Slow down as Jamaicans do

Even the island’s locals take advantage of the year-round sunshine by taking life a little slower. Leave the hustle and bustle to the city and unwind on a beach near your Jamaica resort with a cocktail filled with tropical fruit. Many of the island’s treats are best enjoyed on the beach. So, stay a while and relax on one of the Caribbean's most beautiful islands.

The smell of jerk over a fire

Enjoy the island's famous cuisine. With so many jerk dishes, you can blast your palate with the world-famous flavours of Jamaican food. The freshest seafood can be found in Jamaica, which is sure to impress even the pickiest eaters in your group. Fresh island fruit and tropical dishes are waiting to fill your belly with the satisfaction of a good meal.

Vibe to the music

The beat of the island is expressed perfectly by local reggae performers. The popular genre can be heard coming out of Jamaican homes or first-hand from the many street performers. Nothing says a tropical vacation like the beat of a steel drum played expertly and the sound carrying through the window of your Jamaica resort. You’ll be sure to understand why the locals seem so happy while enjoying the island’s many performances.

Taste the island

Enjoy a cocktail in a hollowed-out tropical fruit or their famous rum served on the rocks. No matter what you choose, you have plenty of flavours to enjoy. The full-bodied spice of the rum produced right here in Jamaica is known around the world as some of the best you can buy. You'll find exotic drinks to enjoy all around the island as well as in the many restaurants of your Jamaica resort.