Whether you need an escape from everyday stress or you’re looking for privacy in the middle of gorgeous blue ocean water, the Maldives will treat you like a best friend. The crystalline waters and the sounds of the swaying palm trees are enough to rock you to sleep. With fair weather almost year-round and crisp white sandy beaches you won’t want to leave. The island can’t disappoint, and with so much to do and see, you’ll surely be back.

The best resorts in Maldives

Relax and unwind over the water in Maldives resorts. Reserve your own romantic retreat in a private enclave over the water or go a bit more mainstream in a beach villa on the island. These resorts have no limits when it comes to providing you with everything you could need. Whether you’re a surfer, diver, or a large family, the Maldives will take you in under its warm wings.

The Maldives Resort Island

Luxury is defined by the offerings at The Maldives Resort Island. Beach villas, romantic suites over the clear blue water, and many activities for the whole family to enjoy. You can enjoy all your comforts of home like WiFi and television or hit up the gym and spa. Take a tour of the winery at your doorstep or go for a relaxing stroll along the beach. Whatever you do in the Maldives, you won’t stop taking photos, trust us.

Maalifushi by COMO

The first resort on this pristine island, the Maalifushi takes the cake when it comes to luxury vacations. Get away from it all in an ultimate way, on a secluded island in the Caribbean. You’re sure to be stunned by the endless blue waters and the sky to match. You won’t forget the sunsets you’ll see while staying here in the Maldives as they’re absolutely breathtaking.

Treat yourself in Maldives

Everything in the Maldives caters to luxury vacations, but that’s not all. There’s a ton of ocean life all around you and all you need is a snorkel. Take in the serenity of the islands with endless spa treatments and even more activities.

Take a spa day

No vacation is complete without a relaxing massage on the beach or privately in your suite. And the Maldives leaves nothing to be desired. Enjoy facials and wraps, and deep-tissue massages so that you can truly relax on your holiday. Whether you’re a spa regular or not, the offerings here make sure to have something for every comfort level.

Resort amenities

Many of the islands offer a range of activities for you to enjoy. From on-site restaurants to wineries and tennis clubs. Kayak out on the ocean or dive to see the abundant marine life. Whatever you choose, you’ll be going back for more. There’s no end to the amenities at the luxury resorts.

World-famous diving

The Maldives is known around the world as one of the best locations possible to dive in. With coral, sea turtles, and plenty of interesting fish, you could spend hours underwater and not notice a second passing by. The ocean is teeming with life in the Caribbean and you’ll feel like you’re in a world of your own.