There is so much to see, and take in, when visiting Panama. In addition to the famous canal, there are jungles, beaches, cities, and beautiful waters from the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. With Panama resorts, you have the choice of which backdrop you’d prefer. Whether you stay by the water or the jungle, you’ll enjoy your time here.

Which Panama resorts to choose

Panama resorts are spread throughout the country, so where some places have all of the resorts in 1 particular area, in Panama you can choose which area you’d like to stay in. Panama City, Panama’s capital and largest city, is a thriving metropolis and about 40 minutes away from the closest resort so it makes for a great day trip. Which Panama resort you choose, really depends on what kind of vacation you’re looking for.

Punta Chame Club and Resort

Perfectly situated for the traveller who wants to see more, Punta Chame Club and Resort, is a vacation rental that is perfectly located. The resort feels like paradise, is 10 minutes away from shopping, restaurants and entertainment, 40 minutes away from the big city, and just minutes from the white sandy beach of Punta Chame which boasts some of the best kitesurfing in the world.

Kanyini Oceanview

Sitting on a hilltop, overlooking the island of Canas, Kanyini Oceanview, is close to nature preserves and only 15 minutes from Playa Venao, with its beaches and restaurants. Here you’ll get to see both the beautiful beaches and lush greenery of Central America.

Coco Hill

For those who want to feel like they are staying in the jungle, Coco Hill is perfect because you’ll be staying in the jungle. With the outdoor-indoor living, you’ll feel really immersed in your surroundings. Not to worry if you still want to experience the water and beaches, as a trail from the property leads you right to Jestina Beach where you can swim. Monkeys and sloths are common in the area, so you’ll never know what you’ll see when you stay at this vacation rental.

So much to explore

There is so much to explore when visiting Panama, and so many sights and experiences you won't have at home. Whether you prefer the jungle or the sea you’ll find tours for everything, from shopping in the city to learning all about the amazing engineering that went into the Panama Canal.

Green Acres Chocolate Farm

Everybody loves chocolate and while you get it from the store, that’s not where it originates. Take a 2-hour tour at Green Acres Chocolate Farm and see where the delicious treat really comes from. After you tour the chocolate farm, you’ll end up back at the main house for a cool drink and sampling the chocolate.

Monkey Tours

There are several monkey tours to choose from if you want to have the opportunity to see them up close. Chances are, if you’re staying in Coco Hill, you won’t need a tour as you’ll probably see some while you are out and about, or just relaxing in your resort. White-faced monkeys are extremely popular in the area.