Have a memorable beach retreat with family resorts

From the exciting culture and pristine beaches of Mexico to the tropical escape of the Caribbean, you can find family resorts all over the world with kid-friendly attractions and amenities like water parks, theme parks, playgrounds, onsite pools, private beach access, and family activities for all kinds of fun adventures. Family resorts are also found in stunning beach locales with plenty of fun for adults when the kids go to sleep, such as nightclubs, beach clubs, live music, and festivals. Whether younger or older, kids will love the array of unique experiences you can give them in a family resort. Learn more about family-friendly resorts in Canada and beyond to plan your family vacation.

Plan your vacation with the best family resorts Ontario

Family resorts

The beauty of Ontario with its bountiful forests and lakes is sure to excite every member of your family on your next trip to one of the province’s many resort areas. Outdoor enthusiasts are invited to ski, hike, swim, mountain bike, and more. If you're looking to make lasting memories with your family, book your next family vacation rental at a family resort in Ontario.

Make the memories of a lifetime at family resorts in the US

Family resorts

A trip to the United States offers a wide range of varied cultural, historic, and intriguing travel experiences. Family resorts in Florida and other locations such as California, the Carolinas, and Arizona offer easy access to amusement and theme parks, comfortable lodging and surroundings, full-featured amenities, and the exciting holiday travel experience of a lifetime for you and your entire family.

Find a tropical utopia at family-friendly Caribbean resorts

Family resorts

Caribbean resorts are like a tropical utopia on Earth. Whether you set up shop at Grace Bay, Nassau, George Town, Punta Cana, Montego Bay, Holetown, or anywhere else, you'll find family-friendly accommodation that's luxurious and offers full-featured fun and adventure. From late-night parties to the best shopping and dining, waterparks and more, it's all here in Caribbean resorts for families.

Take a siesta from life at a family resort in Mexico

Family resorts

Holiday travel to Mexico offers an entire range of fun and excitement. There are Aztec and Mayan ruins to explore, beaches on which to build sandcastles and swim in azure waters. There are coral reefs to snorkel, and a famous nightlife to experience. From romance to family adventure, it's all steps from the best family resorts in Mexico.

The best kid-friendly resorts offer education and adventure

Family resorts

Resorts aren't just for grown-ups. There are plenty of family-friendly options for travel that will appeal to your children as well. Kid-friendly resorts can offer educational experiences, organized play, history, sports, and the opportunity for new friends as well as fun and adventure. Best of all, they can be found just about anywhere in the world.