The best kid-friendly resorts offer education and adventure

If you're looking to book a family holiday that you and the kids will remember for the rest of your lives, you can't beat one of the many kid-friendly resorts across the world. While many people think of resorts as something for adults, there are a lot of options for accommodation that are family-friendly and even offer organized activities for kids. From vacations elsewhere in Canada to the mysteries of Southeast Asia, you'll find plenty of fun and excitement to thrill, entertain, and educate the kids at one of these full-featured family resorts with all the amenities.

Discover all that kid-friendly resorts have to offer

Kid-friendly resorts have a ton of options and amenities to offer families on holiday. Whether you're staying close to home or travelling as far away as Thailand, you'll find plenty to do to keep your young ones occupied and engaged the entire time. From water parks to organized educational and entertainment activities, play dates, games, and sports, you're sure to find the holiday experience of a lifetime, with activities for parents as well as fun for the kids to enjoy during your trip. Even better, you'll live in the lap of comfort and luxury the entire time.

Check out kids' resorts with water parks

If there's one thing kids love, it's playing in the water. Whether they're running through the surf at the beach or splashing in a pool, kids can spend entire days enjoying water activities. Many resorts can be found with plenty to fulfill this need. Resorts with water parks offer all kinds of thrilling activities, including water slides of varying lengths, bumper boats, wave pools, and games. For the adults, there's bound to be a lazy river with a poolside bar where you can relax with a cocktail while the kids splash and play. Water park resorts offer fun for days.

Find resorts with playgrounds for family fun time

Another wonderful amenity that can be found at many resorts is a playground. From swing sets and sandboxes to hedge mazes and huge, wooden pirate ships where kids can fight imaginary battles and climb on jungle gyms, a playground is an ideal way to let them get out all that energy and have a great time in the process. There are plenty of family-oriented resorts all over the world that offer playgrounds for kids to climb, jump, play ball, and run around. In fact, many would say that a playground is a must-have for your family trip.

Get engaged with organized kids programs

Many family-friendly resorts offer structured, organized programs designed just for kids. These programs can offer educational benefits, keep your kids' minds and bodies sharp, and keep them entertained all at the same time. You might find tours of historic sites available, trips to children's museums or science centres, or other activities. There might be arts and crafts workshops that get kids involved in the maker culture or STEM programs that can introduce them to a world of science and technology. Your kids will have the time of their lives while learning something new every day.

Experience resorts with kid-friendly sporting events

If you're looking to keep the kids active and healthy, a resort with kid-friendly organized sporting events can be a great option as well. You'll find resorts from Florida to the Caribbean and beyond that offer organized sporting events designed just for kids. They'll learn how to hit a baseball, find out what position they're best suited for in a soccer match, or be able to join pickup basketball games or a range of other sports from all over the world. Sports teach kids teamwork and allow them to have fun and make new friends while on holiday.

Where can you find the best resorts for kids?

The great news is that you can find the best resorts for kids all over the world. Just about every country and destination from Mexico to Europe and Asia will offer options for family-friendly resorts. You can explore ski resorts, beach resorts, lakefront resorts, and even resorts in the countryside that are full of kid-focused amenities. You'll find relaxation and luxurious accommodation with features like spa treatments, gym workouts, swimming pools, and fine dining, while also allowing your kids the fun and adventure of a lifetime with sports, parties, playgrounds, and entertainment tailored just for them.