Make the memories of a lifetime at family resorts in the US

As one of the geographically largest nations in the world, the United States offers a whole range of experiences, with each state having its own character and personality. In addition, you can find almost any terrain in the US, from frozen Alaskan winters to the Arizona deserts and the tropical volcanic islands of Hawaii. A family resort in the US offers easy access to any of these and more. All you need to do is decide where you want to visit, and you'll make the kind of memories you and your family carry with you the rest of your life.

Visit Florida for vast amusement parks and white sand beaches

Many people who visit Florida go there to see what is arguably the most famous amusement park in the world, but a wide range of attractions are available to enjoy here. It's renowned for its beaches, its warm gulf waters, and its popularity for spring break students the world over. In the summer, resorts are crowded with visitors who enjoy attractions like the vibrant nightlife at places like Miami Beach, and the wealth of shopping, dining, and dancing opportunities available. There are plenty of family resorts in Florida to keep you entertained and excited every day of your travel.

Head for the happiest place on Earth in Orlando

Of course, arguably the most famous attraction in Florida is Walt Disney World in Orlando and its many associated theme parks. Whether you're visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, the Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge theme park, or the world-famous and venerable Epcot Center, Disney World and Universal Studios offer every kind of experience and entertainment you could ever imagine. It may indeed be the very epitome of a family resort in Florida. Here you can visit another country one day and another galaxy the next, and there are attractions for kids and grown-ups of all ages, from games to rides and more.

Party away at your Myrtle Beach resort for families

Another area wildly popular with spring breakers, Myrtle Beach is a few hours north of Florida in the state of South Carolina. This beachfront area is dotted with resorts and endless stretches of white sand and surf as far as the eye can see. You can walk boardwalks full of rides and quirky attractions like wax museums and beachfront stores selling all manner of novelty items and souvenirs. You can also just relax in your resort where you'll be pampered with the best of amenities from swimming pools and cocktails to fine dining and plenty of activities for the kids.

See the other coast from a California resort

Over 3,000 miles away across the country from Florida and South Carolina lies California. Nestled right next to the Pacific Ocean, this state is the home of Los Angeles and Hollywood, San Diego and San Francisco, and everywhere in between. In this great state, you can witness evergreen forests that are thousands of years old and hike mountain trails, but you can also visit warm, sandy beaches and go surfing with the best. California is the home of glamour and excitement, and there are tons of family resorts to enjoy in this state with full-featured amenities to keep you comfortable and entertained.

Get pampered at a family resort in Palm Springs

If you're looking for the best in a true luxury experience in California, it's hard to beat a family-friendly resort in Palm Springs. Not only will you find resorts here that surround the hot springs with 5-star hotels, spas, and luxurious surroundings, you'll find a wide range of entertainment just outside the resort entrance. You can explore vintage boutique stores and refined restaurants. A short drive away is the famed Coachella Valley, known for both its horseback riding trails and its music festival. This is an area of comfort, refinement, and exciting entertainment with something to offer every family on holiday.

Check out a real volcano near a Hawaii family resort

Hawaii is a paradise in the United States. This chain of islands in the Pacific offers every variety of tropical travel experiences you could ask for. Just a few minutes from your family-friendly resort, you can hike wilderness trails populated by native animals and surrounded by lush, green plants. You can traverse the caldera of actual volcanos. You can go snorkelling among coral reefs and witness everything from rays to sea anemones, and hundreds of species of different sea life. You can go surfing and sunbathing, shopping and dining, all a short trip from your family resort in Hawaii.