Sri Lanka has a lot to offer, and this island country has several resorts scattered throughout so no matter where you plan on visiting, even if it’s more than 1 area, there are always Sri Lanka resorts for you to get a good night sleep in, and enjoy the comforts of home.

Sri Lanka resorts are there when you need them

Different parts of the country offer up different experiences, so you may want to travel around to tick everything off your list. Wherever you go in Sri Lanka, there are resorts for you to have a comfortable stay and can help you plan out the next day, or phase, of your itinerary. From local cooking with fresh spices to elephant tours to ancient ruins, numerous experiences are available for everyone.

The Old Lady at the Sea

Situated in the southwestern part of the country, on the water’s edge, The Old Lady at the Sea is in Galle, Sri Lanka. Experience the tranquil surroundings with your indoor-outdoor living accommodations. Listen to the waves wash up on shore while you drift off to sleep after a day of safari at Udawalawe National Park. Enjoy authentic, fresh, local seafood cuisine at the resort where you can visit with other guests and exchange adventure stories.

Beach Paradise Trinco

Beach Paradise Trinco is in the northeastern part of Sri Lanka, in the city of Trincomalee, and offers up an entirely different experience. Spend your days visiting temples and shrines, or scuba diving ruin sites while coming across statues of Ganesh. You’ll want to enjoy a day of luxury and relaxation hanging around this gorgeous vacation rental by the sea.

Kodigahawewa Forest Resort

You’ll find Kodigahawewa Forest Resort in Tissamaharama, is in the south-central part of the country, surrounded by nature preserves and other resorts. While staying here, you’ll have a choice of safari and nature tours to take in, where you can see everything from elephants to jaguars to lush greenery. The grounds of Kodigahawewa are beautiful and definitely deserve an exploration on one of your rest days.

So much to do in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has so much to offer that you don’t want to just limit yourself from only seeing 1 area. You won’t get the full scope of the country and will be doing a disservice to yourself after travelling all that way. The fun will start at home as you’re researching and discovering all the amazing things you want to do from Sri Lanka resorts while you’re here.

Experience the local cuisine

So many different food tours are developed around the local cuisine that you may want to choose more than one. Perhaps you want to learn to cook some authentic dishes, and if so, you’ll want to Cook with Wasantha. Wasantha will take you to the market, providing you with education and interesting tips along the way, and after you have picked out the ingredients, you will go back to her restaurant where she will teach you how spices are made, along with 5 different dishes, that you'll get to taste.

Amazing sights and sites

You’ll have a hard time choosing which sites you’ll want to see because there are so many amazing sights in Sri Lanka near numerous vacation rentals. You have the choice of nature tours, ancient tours, history tours, hiking tours, tasting tours, and so much more. You’ll need to decide what it is you want to experience and then have the hard task of narrowing down the tours you want to take during this trip of a lifetime.