Algonquin Park is unlike any other park around. Due to its vastness, there is so much to see and do that you won’t get a chance to experience everything in a short week. When you return each night to your vacation rental, you'll be pleasantly exhausted, ready for a great night's sleep, and looking forward to what you’ll experience next.

Experience outdoors like never before

Many people don’t get to experience outdoors anywhere else the way they do in Algonquin Park. The park separates Northern Ontario from Southern Ontario, visible by the trees changing from the northern coniferous trees to the southern deciduous trees. It’s great any time of year, with fun activities such as hiking, swimming, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, mountain biking, horseback riding, and more.

Algonquin Park natural beauty

Relax in an Algonquin Park resort any time of the year to enjoy the natural beauty of the area. Cozy up in winter by a fire as you look outside and enjoy the snowfall or cool down in the air conditioning after a long summer day of hiking outside. Staying in resorts around Algonquin Park will help you rest up and refill your energy so that you'll be ready to explore some more natural beauty the next day.

Moose and beaver safari

Where else in the world can you go on a moose and beaver safari? You'll find different tours with different lengths of time for moose and beaver safaris in Algonquin. In addition to just moose and beaver, you’ll experience a lot more on this educational tour about the park. This is a multi-day tour that will have you hiking, canoeing, portaging, swimming, joking, and more.

Algonquin Park self-guided tours

Now, you don’t need to sign up for a tour to experience Algonquin Park, as you are more than welcome to do self-guided trips and tours, seeing and doing what interests you. When you come, be prepared. You’ll want to have a pack or bag of some sort with you so you can carry water, snacks, your camera, and anything else you may need. Experience the park at your own pace when you are self-guided.

Educational outings

Not only is the trip to Algonquin Provincial Park a treat for your eyes, but also for your mind. When you come to Algonquin, you’ll experience beauty and education when you check out the visitor’s centre, museum, art centre, and special exhibit. The museum and art centre are only open between June and October, but the visitor’s centre is open year-round, including most holidays.

Algonquin Park Visitor’s Centre

Stop by the visitor’s centre to learn more about the area and land through special exhibits, a video presentation, and the outdoor viewing deck. You can catch a bite to eat at the restaurant and take a look around the bookstore. The visitor’s centre also offers several learning programs year-round for people of all ages.

Algonquin Logging Museum

This walking tour is an easy 1.5 kilometres and discusses the logging industry from the early days to modern forestry management. Currently, it's the only provincial park in Ontario that still allows logging. While the reception area and bookstore are closed October to June, the outdoor exhibits are still open and available, some of which need to be winterized.

Algonquin art centre

Algonquin hosts a world-class art centre showcasing Canada’s top wilderness and wildlife artists. Tom Thompson and the Group of Seven famously painted in Algonquin park several times. In addition to the indoor art gallery, there are classes and art gazebo where artists can sip on coffee while they create something of their own.