Canada is the 2nd-largest country, by total area, in the world, so it knows about vast landscapes. No 2 provinces or territories are the same, yet all are beautiful. Canada is a country filled with vast beauty from coast to coast and it’s worth the time to explore and enjoy it. All of it is waiting for you in your vacation rental in Canada.

East Coast resorts in Canada

The East Coast of Canada is like a world of its own, you’ll never meet a stranger when you visit. Prince Edward Island resorts are a popular choice, and The Gables Resort and Golf Community is a breathtaking place to stay. Enjoy PEI’s white sandy beaches, or pick up your clubs and shoot a round of golf. You’ll love the slower pace of the East Coast and will want to come back year after year.

West Coast resorts in Canada

If you want to see natural beauty, then you definitely want to visit the West Coast where you always seem to be no more than an hour away from a beach or a ski resort, with gorgeous views of mountains all over the place. Located on Vancouver Island, Oceanside Village Resort is no different, as it’s minutes from the beach and about an hour south of Mount Washington Ski Resort.

Central Canada resorts

There is so much more to Central Canada then just Toronto, even though that’s what most people think about. Just under an hour and a half north of the city, not taking traffic into consideration, is Horseshoe Valley. One of the best resorts in Canada for golfing and skiing, depending on the time of year you visit. Staying here will definitely remind you that peace and serenity are not that far away from the big city.

Fun all year-round

Canadians know how to have fun all year-round because if they only went outside when the weather was nice, the majority of them would spend a good part of the year indoors. They go out all year long as they know everything the country has to offer, no matter the season. Ask a local and some might say there are only 2 seasons: patio and hockey. Regardless of which season you choose, you can experience everything Canada has to offer from a vacation resort.

Bodies of water

Canada is blessed to have numerous bodies of water all across the land. This comes in handy because some parts of the country can get pretty hot in the summertime and it’s great to be able to cool down by jumping in a pool, lake, stream, or ocean. Chances are you’ll have access to more than one when staying at a resort in Canada.

Canada’s favourite past time

It comes as no surprise that Canadians love hockey, and take the game pretty seriously. Junior hockey can be compared to high school football, or college basketball in the United States, for popularity outside of professional sports. This doesn’t mean that every Canadian is a fan, but there sure are a lot of them from coast to coast. When you venture out from your Canadian resort, you're sure to meet a friendly hockey fan at some point, whether you're out and about or taking in a game.