Indulge yourself with a couples resort in Ontario

The kids will be fine without you for a while, the work will still be there when you get back, and your friends will understand if you unplug for a few days. There’s so much to experience in Ontario, so why not take some time for yourself and your spouse to have some quiet time together. You’ll be able to recharge, and you can come back home a better spouse, parent, sibling, child, coworker, and friend for it.

Discover Ontario

Ontario is a large province, and many people just envision a small portion of it when it comes to mind. For your couples getaway, choose a location that perhaps you haven’t visited before, or perhaps that you've not even heard of. Make this time with your partner special by doing something you’ve never done before or by recreating a magical moment from your past. Discover Ontario in a way that will put a smile on your face when you’re in the middle of laundry and the memory pops up.

Grafton's great for couples

Grafton, Ontario, is a quaint little town where you can stay at a spa resort and enjoy some lovely treatments for couples. Enjoy a savoury meal at Grafton Village Inn, once called Grover’s Tavern, which was the original name of Grafton. After lunch, take a look around at the antique shop or art gallery. You’ll enjoy the slow pace of life you get to experience while visiting.

Collingwood year-round

Collingwood, Ontario, is a great place to go all year long. This resort town is known for its outdoor recreation, no matter which season you visit. During 3 of the seasons, you’ll find plenty of hiking, beaches, and caves. When winter hits, pull out your skis as Blue Mountain resort switches over from catering to weddings and banquets to catering to skiers and snowboarders.

Sudbury, the hidden gem

Sudbury, Ontario, is further north in the province and is one of those forgotten parts that people don’t necessarily think of, which is a shame really, as it has a lot to offer. By area, it is the largest city in Ontario and the fifth largest in Canada. The area has lots to see, and you won’t have to worry about crowds, so it's perfect for a couples getaway.

Experience Ontario by plane, train or car

What form of transportation you choose to experience Ontario with, will depend on where you’re coming from. There are several airports and train stations if that is your mode of choice. Perhaps you’d prefer to bring your own car because you are close, or just want to travel on your own time. Parking is generally not a problem when you aren’t going into one of the larger cities.

Pet-friendly Ontario resorts

Maybe you want to bring your dog along with you, as they're a big part of your relationship with your loved one. You'll have several options when choosing a vacation rental that is pet friendly. Some restaurants and shops are pet-friendly as well, as they are used to catering to travellers. Call ahead just to be sure.

Romantic nature settings for couples

With so many hiking trails, boardwalks, and beautiful scenery, why not plan for a romantic stroll on your getaway? Ignore your phones and be present in the moment as you look around at all the beauty and peace that surrounds you. Perhaps there is a specific walk you’d like to take, or maybe you have a preference between water and woods – these choices can help you determine which couples resort in Ontario is right for you.