Book one of the premier Northern Ontario resorts

For the most part, Northern Ontario is sparsely inhabited and part of the Canadian Shield north of the Mattawa River. Some areas south of the river are settled and packed full of exciting opportunities for travellers looking for a Canadian adventure. Not only are the natural features here impressive with mountains, lakes, rivers, and more all prominent throughout the region, but you'll also find a wide selection of charming small towns to explore that offer all the conveniences of a city while still being close to impressive natural features.

Where to book Northern Ontario resorts

Northern Ontario is a vast region with quite a few exciting destinations to choose from. Thanks to the variety of options, there are several different experiences to enjoy and plenty of resorts that can help you establish a comfortable place to rest in between your adventures. You just have to find the one that will suit your needs best whether it's something in town or something closer to the natural landscapes of the countryside.

Discover Kenora resorts

On the western edge of Northern Ontario, you'll find the town of Kenora, a popular destination for travellers from all over the world. Its popularity comes from the sheer number of impressive natural features available here including lakes perfect for aquatic activities and mountains suitable for skiing. Because of the variety of offerings, you can find fun in Kenora all year long with ski mountains containing hiking trails during the summer and local waters being popular for ice fishing during the winter. Local Kenora resorts tend to put you right next to that adventure with ski resorts being the most popular.

Explore Northern Ontario resorts in Thunder Bay

The biggest city in the region is Thunder Bay, and it offers an incredible urban experience for travellers who want all the conveniences of a city that's still close to outdoor recreation. It's located right on the edge of Lake Superior, so it's perfect for sailing and boating. You can even explore hundreds of volcanic islands off the coast if you're looking for a more comprehensive adventure experience. The town itself has its own rich cultural scene with numerous restaurants, theatres, and museums. A resort here can put you right in the middle of the action with high-end amenities at your disposal.

Northern Ontario resort types

Finding the right place for Northern Ontario resorts is just the beginning. You must also consider what kind of experience you're looking to enjoy. You won't be able to find much room for the whole family if you book a resort better suited for couples. Alternatively, a multi-room resort can lead to a lot of wasted space and a sparse budget for travellers looking for a romantic getaway.

Find a romantic Northern Ontario resort

Considering the sheer beauty of all the natural features throughout Northern Ontario, it's easy to see why the region appeals to so many looking for a romantic adventure. You can take your partner and sail out onto the water or hike through the mountains. Some resorts will even put you right next to skiing opportunities, so you and your partner can enjoy some adrenaline-pumping action. To get the most out of your romantic vacation, you'll need to find a resort that caters to couples specifically. That may mean amenities like a hot tub and a full kitchen, but it can be particularly romantic to have a patio or balcony that lets you gaze out into Northern Ontario's breathtaking natural world.