Out of all the provinces in Canada, there's only 1 that's smaller than Nova Scotia. Despite its small size, you'll find plenty of adventure within ensuring there's always something exciting to do during your stay whether you're looking for an urban adventure or natural wonders. Nova Scotia has opportunities for both in excess, and it includes several quality resorts that can keep you pampered and refreshed in between your Nova Scotia excursions. You just have to find the one that fits your needs best.

Where to book Nova Scotia resorts

Getting the most out of Nova Scotia resorts means booking your stay near the attractions you want to see most. Whether that means booking something closer to the city or well within the countryside, you'll still have plenty of options to choose from. What matters is that you situate yourself close to the best offering you want to enjoy to ensure you spend less time travelling and more time adventuring. For such a small island, there are more variations than you might think, so think carefully about your ultimate destination.

Discover Cape Breton resorts

On the northern tip of Nova Scotia, you'll find Cape Breton. Technically an island, this region offers extensive outdoor recreation whether you're interested in beaches or inland trails through lush grasslands. Cape Breton Highlands National Park is especially popular as it offers 948 square kilometres of land featuring mountains, valleys, coastlines, and even waterfalls. The Cape Breton Highlands specifically embody tundra-like properties, and there are thick forests that are perfect for hiking. Local Cape Breton resorts take advantage of its natural offerings putting you close to trails and shorelines.

Explore Nova Scotia beach resorts near Halifax

You'll find beaches all along the coast of Nova Scotia, but nothing offers an experience quite like the beaches near Halifax. As the capital of Nova Scotia, this city has much to offer including shopping, art galleries, and historical experiences. The Harbourwalk is especially popular thanks to the incredible views and shops along its 3-kilometre stretch. Nova Scotia beach resorts are popular in the area and Halifax beaches let you explore sandy shores without having to drift too far from the conveniences of the city.

Top amenities available in Nova Scotia resorts

Nova Scotia resorts can boast plenty of amenities, and they tend to be more on the luxurious side simply due to the nature of resort stays. A full kitchen is practically a given, so expect to find state-of-the-art appliances available within the rental that will allow you to cook just like you would at home. Some other amenities are a bit more obscure, so keep an eye out for any favourites if you're looking to create a truly unforgettable experience.

Find the best resorts in Nova Scotia with a hot tub

What do you look for in the best resorts in Nova Scotia? While they all have something interesting to offer, the best can put you in a comfortable hot tub. It's no secret that Nova Scotia can get quite cold. Even the beach only offers so much reprieve, but a hot tub can provide much-needed warmth whenever you like. A communal hot tub may be fairly common, but if you can find a resort with a private hot tub, you can enjoy its warming waters whenever you like and in private.