Book the best Eastern Ontario and Ottawa resorts

Ottawa resorts and resorts elsewhere throughout Eastern Ontario can provide an experience you won't find anywhere else as you're pampered while easily within reach of some of Canada's most incredible attractions. By booking a resort, you can expect an entirely new level of luxury at your fingertips with numerous amenities and services available all while putting you close to brilliant natural features and bustling cities. You just have to find the right resort fit to your needs.

Where to book resorts in Eastern Ontario

With so much to see and do in Eastern Ontario, you'll have to consider where exactly you want to book your resort. While Eastern Ontario is small compared to the province as a whole, you'll still need to centre your retreat around a specific destination to fully appreciate all it has to offer. Resorts in Eastern Ontario are prevalent throughout the region, so availability won't ever be a significant obstacle to your unforgettable adventure.

Discover Ottawa resorts

Canada's capital city of Ottawa is one of the most popular destinations in the country and the shining cultural gem of Eastern Ontario. Throughout the city, you'll find incredible feats of architecture, entertaining performing arts centres, and fascinating museums. There are also numerous massive parks that provide plenty of green space in town, though the surrounding natural features are inviting enough in their own right. By booking one of the Ottawa resorts, you'll have all of this and more just steps away.

Explore Kingston, Ontario, resorts

At the end of Lake Ontario, you'll find the city of Kingston. Known as the Limestone City, it's most widely visited for its bustling cultural markets, historical sites, and nearby islands. You can see it all when you book one of the Kingston, Ontario, resorts for your trip to the eastern part of this popular province. Local resorts tend to favour the nearby Thousand Islands and Wolfe Island because of their popularity with those seeking outdoor recreation opportunities.

Top styles available among resorts in Eastern Ontario

Not all resorts are created equal. Some focus on a particular attraction nearby like a golf course or lake while others are a bit more neutral when it comes to nearby attractions. Additionally, you'll want to make sure there are the necessary amenities included based on the kind of vacation experience you're looking for. A romantic suite isn't going to do much for someone bringing the whole family along on their trip.

Find family-friendly resorts in Eastern Ontario

With the sheer variety of attractions and things to do in Eastern Ontario, it should be no surprise that it's one of the most popular family vacation destinations. Most of the resorts in Eastern Ontario allow you to take full advantage of family-friendly offerings including spacious accommodations with all the rooms and bedding you need. Some of the family-friendly resorts are pet-friendly as well, so you can even bring your pup along for the adventure. Additionally, it's common to have a full kitchen in a family-friendly resort and access to a pool, and sometimes several, open to all visitors in the complex.