Have a relaxing retreat with an RV rental in Edmonton

Whether you want time in the city or relaxation in the outdoors, an RV rental in Edmonton gives you everything you need for your vacation. You can spend time sightseeing in the city or experiencing the landscape with a luxurious camping experience, complete with the modern luxuries of a vacation home. Whether you want a memorable trip with the kids, an outdoor adventure, or some time alone as a couple, RV rentals in Edmonton give you total freedom to explore.

Who are RV rentals for?

From family destinations to the top spots for wilderness adventure, an RV will go wherever the road can take you. RV vacation rentals are a popular lodging option for many travellers, thanks to their remarkable versatility.


RV vacations are a great option for families since you have all the space and freedom you want. You can meet other campers at the campsite and find activities for the kids to enjoy, such as volleyball, fishing, mini-golf, movie nights, craft workshops, and playgrounds. With a family trip in an RV, you’ll enjoy plenty of fun and memory-making with the kids, and you'll have space for them to play and run around without being confined to a hotel.


If you’re looking for romance, an RV gives you a chance to spend time together alone and relax in the great outdoors. You can choose to meet and mingle with other campers, or you could just find a quiet spot where you can spend quality time together. Plenty of campsites are available near romantic destinations as well, such as stunning beaches, tranquil lakes, mountains and ski resorts, and more.


Offering unrivalled access to nature, an RV rental gives you a chance to explore the outdoors without venturing far from the campsite. Whether you prefer wilderness hikes and skiing or water sports and beach relaxation, you can park your RV near the best outdoor places for plenty of fun and adventure.

Features and amenities of RV rentals

If you enjoy the experience of camping but don’t want to sacrifice the modern luxuries of air conditioning, indoor plumbing, and a kitchen, then a recreational vehicle rental is a great way to experience the best of both worlds. RVs offer many of the amenities of a vacation rental, but with the freedom to explore the landscape and spend as much time as you wish in some of the best destinations around.

Air conditioning

Camping is a fun way to experience a new place, but if you miss the creature comforts of home, an RV gives you the best of both worlds. RV vacation rentals are available with modern amenities like air conditioning and heating, so you won’t have to 'rough it' too much on your trip. Whether you’re on the beach or in the mountains, having climate control ensures you’re relaxed and comfortable on your trip.

Full kitchen

RVs are self-contained and fully equipped for all your needs, including a full kitchen with appliances to prepare meals for your family. You can shop for local produce and meats and prepare your own recipes to save on dining out during your trip. If you want to head into the city, you can splurge on a meal with your family at one of the local restaurants.

Natural surroundings

Undoubtedly, the biggest benefit of booking an RV rental is having the wide-open spaces around you. RV rentals can go just about anywhere you wish, so you can surround yourself with the gorgeous countryside, mountain views, or stunning beach spots to relax and get back to nature. No matter where you choose to go, an RV rental gives you unrivalled access to the landscape near Edmonton.