Discover the landscape with an RV in Canada

Filled with majestic mountain environments, dry prairies, desert badlands, wild coastlines, and tranquil lakes, the diverse environment of Canada must be seen to be believed. If you want to get out into the country in Canada to experience a variety of natural wonders, the best way is with an RV rental that gives you the freedom to explore as you wish.

Features and amenities of RV rentals

Far beyond 'roughing it', RV rentals provide you with all the amenities of a rental home or apartment, along with the ability to move about as you wish. Learn more about the amenities and features you can find in RV rentals.

Creature comforts

Combining the luxury of a rental property with the back-to-basics of camping, RV rentals are a great option for all types of travellers. Ranging from rustic to luxurious, RV rentals come in virtually every type and size to suit your needs. You can book family-friendly RVs with space for the kids, toys, games, and indoor entertainment, or you could opt for some pampering with mansion-like RVs with spacious living areas, lavish decor, sound systems, and high-end electronics.

Natural surroundings

The best feature of an RV is the natural scenery. Whether your trip is long or short, you can enjoy different scenery each day as you explore the vast wilderness of Canada. Plenty of RV sites and campgrounds are close to provincial parks, ski resorts, lake areas, and nature preserves, so you can get close to the wilderness and enjoy all manner of outdoor adventure.


If you like to take a spontaneous approach to your travels, nothing beats the freedom and flexibility of an RV rental. You can move about without rearranging your booking or chancing a sold-out rental property in your top destination. Plus, when you venture off the beaten path, you discover wonders and hidden gems you may have never known existed.

Best destinations for RV rentals in Canada

From the windswept hills of Nova Scotia to the quiet country of Ontario outside the city limits, Canada has an array of exciting destinations that offer a little bit of everything. From wilderness adventures to family-friendly attractions to delightful cultural experiences, here are some of the best destinations in Canada for an RV rental.

RV rental in Newfoundland

With Viking-age intrigue, enchanting glacial fjords and glistening waterfalls, and colourful towns and villages with rich culture and history, Newfoundland is a top destination for travel in Canada. Whether you want to explore the landscape, make memories with the kids, or have a spontaneous adventure with your spouse, there are many unique treasures to experience in Newfoundland.

RV rentals in Nova Scotia

With the wild winds of the Atlantic Ocean, dramatic historic lighthouses, quaint fishing villages, and imposing cliff faces, Nova Scotia is an untamed environment with adventures in all seasons. Winter brings cold-weather fun for the daring, while summer brings calm beach trips, tranquil hikes, and vibrant festivals that celebrate the Celtic heritage. If you’re renting an RV, touring the landscape of Nova Scotia gives you a vacation you’ll never forget.

RV rental in Ontario

Boasting sparkling lakes and vast cottage country, Ontario is the place to go to for a simple vacation. Home to cities like Toronto, Ottawa, and the popular Niagara Falls, you can enjoy a city break or outdoor camping trip in Ontario. Whether you want to enjoy lake time with the kids, relax in the country on your own, or experience food and wine tours and city sightseeing with your loved one, Ontario has a diverse range of fun experiences. With an RV rental, you can experience a little bit of everything Ontario has to offer.