Live like royalty in luxury villas

If you're looking for luxury and opulence in your next vacation rental, booking a villa may be your best bet. Typically larger than a standard house rental, villas offer a unique style and atmosphere to your stay. You'll find luxury amenities along with premier locations that let you get the most out of whatever destination you travel to. Finding the best luxury villas can be the key to creating the ultimate vacation experience whether you're travelling with the whole family or are more interested in a romantic couple's retreat.

Best destinations for luxury villa rentals

Getting the most out of luxury villa rentals means finding the best destination to book one. You'll find them all across the world, but villas tend to particularly shine around beachfront destinations. There's just something about the tranquillity of the shore and the luxury of a villa that goes together to create unforgettable vacation experiences. In addition to waterfront destinations, you'll also find them among picturesque inland areas. Essentially, villas are present wherever you'll find incredible natural features that complement the striking aesthetic of the rentals themselves.

Discover a Maldives water villa

Located in the Indian Ocean, Maldives is a small nation with plenty of vacation opportunities available. You'll find numerous villas for rent, and the size of the islands are so small, they're virtually all close to the water. When you're booking a Maldives water villa, the greatest factor to consider is how secluded you want to be. There are villas available around the more populated areas of the island, but you'll also find some water villas situated on their own small islands. Booking what essentially amounts to a private island can add an entirely new layer of privacy and opulence to your adventure, so keep that in mind when planning your trip.

Explore luxury villas in Mykonos

The ancient island of Mykonos is one of the most popular and stunning destinations in Greece, and among the best destinations for luxury villas. You'll find quite a few options available including rentals by the shore and some further inland. Given the size of the island, you'll never find yourself too far from the crystal clear waters surrounding the island. These villas tend to be quite spacious as well as the whole family can enjoy the wonders of Mykonos from its modern shops and restaurants to historical landmarks dating back to one of the oldest civilizations in the world.

Best amenities in luxury villas

Luxury villas come full of exciting amenities by nature since their whole appeal is offering a more comforting and opulent vacation experience. That's why it's not uncommon to find spacious rooms, a full kitchen, and even an entertainment center inside with WiFi, a large television, and potentially games and movies. If you really want to luxurious available amenities, keep an eye out for villas with large decks, scenic overlooks, and relaxing hot tubs.

Discover luxury villa rentals with a private pool

Many luxury villa rentals are located near the water. In fact, finding a water villa is typically easier than finding a villa further inland. While that convenient access to the shore can be nice, sometimes you just want to go for a swim in a private and controlled environment. That's why it can be beneficial to book one of the luxury villa rentals with a private pool. With access to a pool of your own, you can go for a swim whenever you like. In some properties, the pool is indoors, so even the weather won't get in the way of your aquatic fun.