Villas to rent in Europe offer history and adventure

If you're looking to explore the roots of your history, Europe offers a world of cultural influence, history, and adventure for even the most discerning of travellers. Secure a villa on this continent, and travel through many different countries in a whirlwind of cultures, architecture, and education. See locations like the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, medieval castles, art and history museums, ancient Roman fortresses, and harbours with crystal clear blue waters. Swim and surf on pristine beaches, shop in boutique stores, and dine in high-end restaurants or sidewalk cafes. It's all waiting just a few steps away from your European villa to rent.

See Roman ruins and quaint alleyways in the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom offers a whole world of environs, cultural experiences and history to explore. You can walk the streets of London to see Big Ben and Parliament. You can head for Edinburgh to have a pint in the historic heart of Scotland. You can journey to the rolling green hills of the Highlands. Visit the mysterious standing stones of Stonehenge or see museums and cultural sites galore. You can enjoy scenic lakeshores and boutique shopping in 1 day. All of it is just minutes from a posh, romantic, and comfortable villa for your trip to the British Isles.

Experience the height of romance on the streets of France

If you're a couple on a honeymoon or just looking to get away from it all for a romantic excursion, it's hard to beat the nation whose name goes hand in hand with romance. A villa rental in France allows you to walk the cobblestone streets of Paris and climb the Eiffel Tower. You can explore the famed wine country of Bordeaux or the Loire Valley. A wealth of medieval castles is available to explore, many of which today host history museums and art galleries. If art and history are your interests, you'll want to visit the Louvre.

Walk the steps of famed explorers in Spain

In the 16th century, Spain was the heart of exploration efforts in the New World. It's also a nation with a culture unique from any other in Europe, a melting pot of Christian and Islamic influences. The nation has been a hotbed of change throughout the ages, and this has resulted in a romantic, colourful, and exotic experience in the centre of an otherwise familiar region of the world. Enjoy pristine white-sand beaches and the bright colours of Barcelona. Head for the mountains and warm waters of Marbella, and enjoy fine dining and great shopping from your villa in Spain.

Germany offers insight into stunning cultural change

From medieval monarchs to historic horrors, from the fall of empires to stunning architecture, Germany offers just about everything a history buff could want. It could be argued that Germany was the heart of the Cold War's end in the 80s. Here you can see medieval castles, monuments to historic tragedies, and you'll enjoy some of the best beer and most enjoyable arts and culture in all of Europe. If you're looking for a holiday that offers almost every historic and cultural experience, a rental villa in Germany is the ideal option for families, couples, or groups.

The world of the Vikings beckons you to Northern Europe

If you're into Vikings, fantasy, or the kinds of natural vistas you won't experience anywhere else, Northern Europe is definitely the place to explore. Here you can see where Leif Erikson walked, you can view the legendary sites where "Beowulf" took place, or for a more modern attraction, catch some of the locales where "Game of Thrones" and "Vikings" were filmed. See the Northern Lights over a sea of clear blue water and ice. Enjoy quaint villages dating to medieval times. From a villa rental in Northern Europe, you'll make the kind of memories that last a lifetime.

Discover a world of mythic heroes in Greece

It could be argued that the many of the myths and legends we know originate from Greece, and a trip here will allow you not only to visit those mythic sites like the Parthenon, Mount Olympus, and the River Acheron, but you can relax on sunny beaches with soft, white sand and go swimming, snorkelling, and surfing in the ocean waters. You can enjoy some of the best food you'll ever have, and go shopping in the chicest European boutiques. If it's a mythic party you're looking for, you've come to the right place with a villa rental in Greece.