Best holiday destinations for couples looking for romance

Sharing experiences with your partner is one of the best ways to strengthen your relationship and grow as a couple. Travelling allows you to not only share an experience, but also get to know each other in deeper, more intimate ways. Whether you're looking for a short city break or an exotic trip of a lifetime, here are a few places that'll quench wanderlust and thirst for romance at the same time.

Find fun and excitement in any romantic holiday destination

The language of love is universal, so no matter where you look, you'll find something romantic to do in any country you visit. Europe in general has a reputation for being a very romantic travel destination, so it's hardly surprising that it's a popular choice for travelling couples to keep the flames of love burning bright. Whether you're on the lookout for a shared adventure or just antsing for a soothing city break, you'll find no shortage of romantic holiday destinations for couples.

The Lake District beckons you to explore the great outdoors

Couples who are looking to get in touch with nature will find everything from sailing and swimming to hiking through forest trails in The Lake District. Let cosy holiday cottages provide warm and welcoming shelter as you wind down from a day of wandering the picturesque natural surroundings. The sights aren't limited to the lakes and mountains inland. Nearby you'll find Cumbria's Coast, a perfect place for some quiet time with your significant other in a beautiful seaside setting, where you can wander the fells scattered near the shoreline.

Enjoy the exotic holiday destination of Barbados

Isolated beaches and subterranean caves peppering the coast of Barbados can be fun places to explore for couples. This beautiful Caribbean island is ideal for those looking for a romantic escape with their partner, where sights such as the Barbados Boardwalk sunset and intimate garden picnic areas can provide unforgettable memories. Being the luxury capital of the Caribbean, spa treatments for couples are widely available and are a popular activity for honeymooners.

Beautiful sights to explore in ancient, romantic Rome

You'll find a laid-back atmosphere in Rome, regarded as one of the best cultural centres in the world. Find romance in every corner of the city, with its grand monuments, intricate fountain statues and gorgeous parks. Holiday lettings near the Tiber River provide will give you wonderful views of the timeless water that twists and turns through this ancient Roman capital. If you're looking for some excitement, try the diverse nightlife that blooms after sunset, put on your dancing shoes and party the night away with your partner.

Berlin is one of the best holiday destinations for couples

Berlin provides easy and efficient transportation around the city, making it easy for couples to explore everything it has to offer. Visit the Berliner Fernsehturm for panoramic views of the streets, or hie to the Pfaueninsel to see free-ranging peacocks in the floral richness of the nature reserve. Whether you're taking your first trip together or celebrating the life you've built around each other, you'll find Berlin a great city break destination.

Feel the love with all the romance Paris has to offer

Escape to the most romantic city on Earth and fall in love all over again. Paris may be the most ideal holiday destination for couples, with its iconic historical sites, numerous gourmet food markets and vast city gardens for romantic picnics. Holiday rentals are available along the River Seine, where much of the essence of Paris is truly felt. Catch a romantic sunset cruise and admire the majestic sight of the Eiffel Tower painted in dusk's warm colours.

Absorb the energetic vibes of beautiful Ibiza

Have a beach holiday in Ibiza, where sparkling golden sands and secluded coves can fuel the spark of any romance. Bask in the energy of the lively crowds in the clubs and then wind down in your own private villa rental. You can explore the scenic outlook over the water at the top of the town, where the Ibiza Cathedral sits. With countless sunset vantage points and a long list of romantic restaurants to choose from, couples can find endless ways to affirm and celebrate their love here.