Best picks for holiday destinations in November and beyond

Booking a holiday for winter is a staple for many people – some do it to embrace the winter season, others to escape the cold, and some just to end the year with a bang. Check out some of the best winter holiday destinations from November onward and find inspiration for places far and wide. Mild to wild adventures at these locations are yours for the taking, whether you're travelling solo or as part of a group.

December holiday destinations in Europe to make you merry

With so many stunning winter holiday destinations in Europe, you may find it a bit daunting to choose one. Maybe you fancy the festivities surrounding traditional snowy Christmas themes, or a warmer escapade so you don't need to don so many layers. Here are a couple of ideas to help you narrow down your choices.

Holiday cheer at Christmas markets in Germany and Austria

Explore the Christmas markets that pop up in Germany as the winter snow blankets Central European nations. Large crowds gather around the famous markets and attractions in cities like Cologne and Vienna, while Munich displays a giant Christmas tree draped in lights to herald the pre-Christmas magic. The stalls near holiday homes in smaller towns have just as much to offer, including fresh gingerbread, mulled wine and handcrafted items fitting the festive spirit.

Revel in Spain's festive holiday offerings and traditions

Andalusia has a more temperate climate during winter, but that doesn't mean the holiday spirit is any less evident. You'll find the smell of roasted chestnuts wafting throughout the streets from as early as November all the way until January 6th, the day Christmas gifts are opened. Holiday lettings allow you quick access to the plazas decked out with lights, making the nightlife and tapas all the more enticing.

Discover the best winter holiday destinations around the world

Dust off that passport and embark on an unforgettable winter holiday. Enjoy the calm mountainside hot springs in Japan, where you can immerse yourself in the local activities. Visit Australia to really get away from the chill of the wind, as its location in the Southern Hemisphere renders much warmer weather from November to February.

Ward off the chill with a hot-spring holiday in Japan

The open-air hot springs in Japan provides a stark contrast to the chilly winter weather. Yufuin has some fantastic holiday homes located in a rural area that allow you to take refuge in the steaming waters and feel the warmth seep into your bones as you enjoy the breathtaking mountain scenery. Nothing beats the rejuvenating feeling of the hot springs after a long, cold day of sightseeing around town.

Sunshine instead of snow in the city of Melbourne

Melbourne is regarded as one of the top December holiday destinations for those seeking some sunshine. Bring a bottle of sunscreen and a sunhat to the land down under as you'll find summer in full swing from December to February. Feast your eyes on dozens of colourful bathing boxes at Brighton Beach southeast of the city centre. Further along the shoreline, you'll come across Luna Park, where amusement rides and carnival games provide whimsical ways to pass the time.

Family-friendly December holiday destinations

Bringing young ones on holidays encourages their adventurous side and expands their world view. It's also heaps of fun and a great way to make memories as a family. You can take them to the sandy dunes of Morocco for an adventurous Sahara tour or over to Hawaii, where you can work on your surfing skills together on a fun-filled December holiday.

Morocco's exotic expanse of sand and sea

For family escapades in warmer winter weather, consider Morocco for a January holiday destination. You'll find modern holiday rentals close to the beaches of the Atlantic coast, as well as traditional Berber camps that let you walk the sandy dunes. You can also treat yourself to a villa rental, where you can cool off with the kids in your own private oasis. And for unique holiday souvenirs, browse through the lively bazaars packed with local crafts and trinkets.

Take advantage of the year-round warmth in Hawaii

Hawaii is a terrific place for a December holiday destination for many reasons. Its reputation of having alluring white-sand beaches with the best surf, exciting rainforest trails and volcano views, and refreshing local delicacies all ring true and provide excellent opportunities for quality family time. Little ones will get a kick out of seeing Santa's sleigh and reindeer replaced with an outrigger canoe pulled by dolphins, a fitting twist to the classic Christmas celebrity.