A guide to booking dog-friendly log cabins

Hidden in misty woodlands or perched on grass-green hills, timber-built lodges are a chance to escape the city and immerse yourself in wild nature. For travellers who won't go anywhere without their 4-legged walking buddy, there are plenty of dog-friendly log cabins that also fit the bill. This guide deals with some of the main features you can expect from them, along with some inspiring destinations that are sure to stoke the wanderlust.

Different types of dog-friendly log cabins

These days, log-cabin rentals come in all shapes and sizes. From the conventional to the downright quirky, they might not be quite what you first imagined. Here's a look at just some of the sorts of places you'll be able to pick from when holidaying with the hound.

Luxurious dog-friendly log cabins

Some properties that call themselves cabins might not seem like cabins at all. Yes, they'll have the wood-clad exterior and the pioneer feel, but they could come with a range of frills that put them firmly in the luxury category. A crackling wood fire is a prime example, while fully-fitted kitchens with double ovens are also a possibility. And that's not even mentioning the places with swimming pools.

Bag dog-friendly log cabins with hot tubs

You might not want to fork out for a fully-fledged luxury rental, but a hot tub promises to add a touch of class, and relaxation, to any stay. Of course, the pooch will have to be content with a tennis ball while you kick back in the bubbling waters, but they shouldn't mind after tiring hikes through stunning landscapes.

Rustic dog-friendly log cabins

Skip out of the towns and into the country to discover the most rustic cabins for dogs imaginable. These are the places where you'll wake to visions of dew-coated Devonshire fields, where sweeping panoramas of the Welsh seascape unfold before your window, where lonely hiking paths meander straight into the Scottish mountains from your door.

How to find cheap dog-friendly log cabins

Everyone likes a bargain, particularly the pup when it means an extra walk somewhere they haven't been able to smell yet. Follow these 3 tips to ensure you don't overpay for that next dog-friendly rental.

Make the most of last-minute deals

Leaving things late might mean all the top deals on pooch-friendly breaks are gone. But it could also mean you get the pick of the last-minute bargains. It's a good idea to scan for those regularly, to see if any cabin stays pop up that take your fancy.

Go for short breaks to dog-friendly log cabins

Next time you think you simply can't afford that weekend getaway, it's worth checking prices for fly-in jaunts. Short-term stays might be easier on the wallet, but they still furnish you with nostalgia-inducing memories and a taste of the countryside. Even a 2-day escape from the office can work wonders.

Be adventurous with your destination choice

It's no secret that some regions are more popular for travellers with the pet in tow. They include the trail-ringed Lake District, the Peak District and the Cornish Coast. If you're not dead set on visiting those, you might be in line to score a great deal on dog-friendly log cabins in more off-beat places. Rugged Mid Wales and the Scottish Lowlands are just a few possibilities.

Not sure where Fido most fancies visiting? This trio of suggestions ranges from the maritime quarters of the South Coast to the bracing moors of the North, to throw up a few possibilities.

Yorkshire cabins for doggies

A retreat to Yorkshire can be a real adventure for both dog and owner. There are the haunting abbey ruins of Easby to prowl with the pooch, along with the soaring keeps of age-old Pontefract Castle, where lead-led dogs are certainly more welcome than the armies of Oliver Cromwell were back in the 1640s.

Devonshire dog-friendly log cabins

Mouths will water for cream teas in Devonshire, a corner of the South West that seems tailor-made for travellers bringing their pets. When it's time to stretch the legs, head over to the rolling heaths of Exmoor, or hit the famous South West Coast Path, with its wave-spattered inlets and high cliffs.

Dog-friendly cabin stays in the Lake District

The Lake District is a walker's dream. Famous treks, like the arduous one up to the boulder-crowned tip of Scafell Pike, mingle with lesser-known hiking trails around Ullswater. Literary-loving dogs can discover the old haunts of William Wordsworth and Beatrix Potter in the historic villages, while steamers on Ullswater and Windermere have space set aside for those with paws.