Be inspired by this guide to log cabins for weekend breaks

No matter if it's a windblown shack on the Somerset shores or a tree-shrouded bolthole by the North York Moors, there are myriad log cabins for weekend breaks out there. Finding the one that suits you and your type of trip is the trick. We're here to help with this guide, which runs through what makes these stays so popular, along with booking tips and some enticing destination suggestions.

What travellers love log cabins for weekend breaks?

Apart from being a convenient escape for a Saturday and Sunday away from the buzz of the city, weekender cabins are also great at other things. In this section we'll take a look at just some of the different sorts of guests they really lend themselves to.

Romantic log cabin getaways for couples

Move over cottages, this is the new romantic option. Fusing rustic character with real charm and cosiness, it's easy to see why loved-up duos are now choosing log cabins for their weekend breaks away. The unrivalled seclusion in nature not only promises privacy, but also plenty of chance to wander the dales, hills and cliffs with just your other half for company.

A mountain cabin for the budding climber

You could skip out of the office on a Friday and be trekking up the shale slopes to Ben Nevis by Saturday morning thanks to the retreats of Fort William. Other log cabins dot the Lake District, putting Scafell Pike on the menu, while Snowdon is packed with places that cluster around the base of Wales's soaring peak.

Log cabin weekends for the dog owner

Share that log cabin weekend with the pooch by filtering your search to only show pet-friendly places. There are actually plenty welcoming barkers just as much as 2-legged guests. You may have to pay a little extra surcharge, which is typically calculated by the amount of pups and the length of your stay.

Where can I go on my log cabin weekends?

The only real requirement of a short-lived log cabin getaway is that the accommodation is accessible straight after work on a Friday evening or a Saturday morning. Beyond that, the wanderlust can take over, what with a whole host of environments to pick from.

Forest holidays for the weekend

Cabins in the woods of the United Kingdom open up a whole wonderland of weekend pursuits. You could trace the tale of Robin Hood and his Merry Men up between the ancient oaks of Sherwood Forest in Nottinghamshire, or meet wild ponies on the tree-peppered heaths of the New Forest down south.

Mountain ranges are cabin hotspots

You'll catch cabins in the Scottish Highlands and amid the rock-hewn ridges of Snowdonia National Park. Others sit tight in the Lake District and the Peak District, right on the doorstep of England's Pennine chain, which makes them eminently reachable from cities like Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool.

Log cabin getaways to the beach

Wherever you are in the British Isles, it's never likely to be more than a couple of hours' drive from the coast. That's great news for weekenders pining to wake to the sound of rolling waves or the calls of seagulls over the fish-scented harbours. Favourite regions with plenty of salty shacks to pick from include Devon, Cornwall and Dorset – forever drawing beach lovers to the South West.

An impromptu jaunt to the country come Friday evening should never break the bank. It should be something to consider without worrying about costs and rates, lest that spontaneity be lost. Here are ways you can ensure you get the cheapest of the cheap log cabins.

Be flexible on your destination choice

If the most wallet-friendly log cabin getaways are in Yorkshire, why not go to Yorkshire? If they are in Norfolk, then Norfolk's surely worth considering. The upshot is that any unplanned escape or quick weekend holiday can be made a whole load cheaper by going to where the prices are best.

Get self-catering facilities

While self-catering spaces are much more common in cottages, they aren't unheard of in log cabins. In fact, many of these types of lodgings come with fitted kitchens with large stoves and fridges. You might pay extra for those but you're bound to save a bucket on eating out.

Don't expect luxury

While it's undoubtedly nice to steam away in a bubbling hot tub and curl up come evening by the fire, you don't have to have those features for a log cabin weekend to remember. You could settle on something simple and rustic, like a high-perched mountain cabin or a wood-framed lakeside pad, and still get the same relaxation and rejuvenation you're after.