An introduction to luxury log cabins

Moss-clad and hidden in the forests, these rustic boltholes have long been associated with roughing it. But there's now a breed of luxury log cabins that have converted historic shepherd escapes and basic bothies into something worthy of a honeymoon. This guide will look at some of the central features of the luxury log cabin stay, along with a few hot destinations worth considering.

What to expect from luxury log cabins

If you're not quite sure what you'll get by opting for a fusion of rusticity and luxury, these 3 pointers should help reveal something about this sort of stay.

Rustic, rural locations

Although they're packed with modern conveniences and bespoke features, the most upscale lodges of all haven't sacrificed the thing that makes them such an attractive prospect for intrepid types – a location deep in nature. You can still find these sumptuous pads hidden within the New Forest or perched dramatically on Cornish clifftops, for example.

Luxury log cabins with a hot tub

Just because the walls are built of timber and the surroundings are all swaying pine trees, it doesn't mean you can't throw a hot tub into the mix. In fact, that's precisely what many a luxury log cabin stay does, offering guests the chance to really soak up the natural environment they find themselves in.

Self-catering luxury log cabins

Among the extra features packed into the more sumptuous cabin retreats of the UK are kitchens. In many cases, they might even match the size of traditional cottage kitchens, offering double stove tops and even pantries to boot. They can turn a humble shack into a holiday rental that's fit for whole families.

There are luxury log cabins in the Lake District

Of all the premier log cabin destinations in the UK, the stunning and fabled Lake District National Park deserves a special mention. It's riddled with timber-built shacks that ooze comfort and cosiness from between the craggy fells and the shimmering waters. For 3 of the most sought-after places, read on below.

Luxury log cabins by Windermere

Bowness-on-Windermere is a clutch of stone-built pubs and half-timbered buildings, all centred on the boat jetties of Windermere Lake. It's the beating heart of the Lake District National Park, drawing thousands of visitors with its promise of Beatrix Potter heritage and proximity to pretty lookouts like Orrest Head. North of the town, there are loads of cabin rentals that also tout lake-front views and panoramic decks.

Keswick beckons deeper in the national park

The bonus of heading for the further-flung town of Keswick on the northern fells of the Lake District is the extra seclusion you gain with luxury log cabins. There are far fewer rentals to be had in these parts, which means you might find yourself all alone as you explore the haunting stone circle at Castlerigg or hike to the lonely lookouts of Skiddaw mountain that looms just above.

Coniston for pastoral escapes

Small and peaceful Coniston has only a couple of luxury log cabins hidden between the low fells that surround it. They promise a peaceful and bucolic experience of the region, thanks to the small nature of Coniston itself, which is centred on just a single road with its hearty pubs and village shop. The main draw is the Ruskin Museum, which chronicles the life and works of the iconic Victorian art critic, John Ruskin.

More destinations for luxury cabins in the UK

Cumbria certainly doesn't have a monopoly on luxury cabins in the UK. There are oodles more hidden retreats and bespoke shacks dotting the corners of the UK. Perhaps the following suggestions will stoke your wanderlust?

Scotland is a hotspot for luxury log cabins

Few parts of Britain are covered by such raw and untamed wildernesses as Scotland. The luxury extras that come with the cabins north of the border are a fine counterweight for all the arduous hikes and expeditions the country offers. Whether you're scrambling to the tops of Ben Nevis near Fort William or returning from an icy whale-spotting walk on the Isle of Skye, a hot tub and a crackling fire are likely to be most welcome.

Get a cabin in the West Country

A whirlwind of homemade cider and clotted-cream teas only adds to the draws of the West Country. The region already figures as a truly enticing prospect, ranging from the cliff-backed bays of Somerset to the much-vaunted heritage coasts of Cornwall, where well-to-do Padstow and art-filled St Ives often top the bill.

Welsh cabins come with luxury

You can add some style to that Welsh holiday by going for luxurious cabins in the depths of Snowdonia. By morning, you can be traipsing to the top of 918-metre-high Tryfan, by afternoon discovering the legend of Gelert and the prince in Beddgelert, and by evening soaking in your own hot tub under the peaks.