Destinations and ideas for booking a cottage by the sea

You'll wake to salt-filled breezes and step onto sandy lanes when you book a cottage by the sea. There's really no better way to get up close and personal with the whitecaps and the clifftops as this. Read on for a guide to the top destinations for seaside cottages, some top tips on how to book and what to expect.

Scoring a bargain cottage by the sea

There's no question that cottages by the sea are among the most coveted holiday rentals going. Who wouldn't want to spend their hard-earned weeks away from the office with fresh air and soft sands guaranteed? That said, there's still a chance you can bag a bargain on these sorts of rentals. Try following these handy hints.

Book early and get wallet-friendly rates for summer

Ensuring you bag that seaside cottage before everyone else starts thinking about their summertime escape might not always lower the cost of your stay, but it will give you the full range of houses and rentals in any given destination. That means you'll get the pick of the top-priced bargains before they sell out.

Forgo major luxuries

It's easy to see why seaside cottages with a hot tub are so sought-after, as well as why everyone's bound to want a crackling wood fire to warm them up after long surf sessions. However, these sorts of frills can come at a premium, so steer clear if you're watching the pennies.

Go off-radar to unearth cheap seafront holiday cottages

One tried-and-tested way of reducing the cost of seafront cottages is to look for them in less-trodden corners of the country. Cornwall might have the surf you're after, and Devon beckons with its windswept bays, but there are bound to be other parts of the UK offering boltholes by the swells for just for a fraction of the price.

Where to discover a cottage by the sea?

So you've decided you want that next holiday to be right by the waves? Great choice. Now you need to put a pin in the map and settle on a destination. Don't worry, there are cottages to rent by the sea all over the UK.

Seaside cottage rental in Devon

With so many seaside cottages packing into Devon's duo of coastlines, there's always a possibility that your next escape could come with a side of West Country cider. Staying in this corner of England also means a chance to visit the stunning Jacob's Ladder Beach, which can only be accessed by higgledy-piggledy stairs running down the cliffsides.

Home in on seaside cottages in Wales

The Welsh coast is a wonder to behold. There's always something exciting in these parts, whether you're hitting salt-washed Tenby and its ice-cream parlours for the first time, or making a nostalgic return to a seaside cottage in sleepy Anglesey.

Surf-washed seaside holiday cottages exist in Cornwall

Cornwall isn't all pasties and seafood joints. It's also got some of the most celebrated surf swells in the United Kingdom, which is one of the main reasons there are so many seafront cottages to pick from, in places like Bude and Polzeath.

What sort of seafront holiday cottages are there?

There are loads of features that make seafront holiday cottages a truly unique accommodation choice. Here's a selection of just 3 reasons why they stand out from the crowd.

The most luxurious seafront cottages

Just because the ocean is raging out the window, it doesn't mean inside can't be modern and swish. In fact, lots of seaside cottages in the UK come with plush interiors and sleek lounges that have flat-screen TVs. Other frilly features include sprawling gardens that slope down to meet the shore, panoramic deck spaces and even the occasional swimming pool.

Dog-friendly holiday cottages by the sea

It's really common for cottages by the sea to have dog-friendly policies. And why not? Those 4-legged friends are bound to love sprinting around the sand dunes and chasing sticks by the swells.

Secluded seaside cottages for rent

Sitting lonely in their own bay or standing firm against the onslaught of the roaring waves, many seaside holiday cottages live in complete isolation. That's great news if you're looking for a true escape from the Rat Race. It will just be you, the sound of the shore and whoever you choose to bring along.