As it wiggles north from Newcastle to the Scottish border, the Northumberland coastline proves itself time and time again as one of England's most stunning and breathtaking. High dunes delve to honey-hued sands, while frothing waves crash against harbours filled with traditional coble boats. If all that sounds like your sort of thing, be sure to read on for a guide to booking Northumberland cottages by the sea.

With so many boltholes and salt-caked homes to pick from in the coastal areas of Northumbria, you might want to consider these 3 popular types of stay before you press on with booking.

Luxury holiday cottages on the Northumberland coast

Not a creature comfort is lost in the most stylish of Northumberland coastal cottages. In fact, many of the stays here are downright opulent. They can come with al fresco patios that cast their gaze out across beaches in Cresswell and Cocklawburn. Others have flickering wood burners to warm their lounges. And that's not even mentioning the places with broiling hot tubs with a view.

Dog-friendly Northumberland cottages by the sea

This swell-spattered coastline is great for 4-legged friends, too. From Bamburgh Castle to Beadnell Bay, the vast majority of the sand stretches in these parts allow dogs to roam without restriction. The good news is, there are Northumbrian cottages to match that, offering ample space for any canine guests.

Family coastal cottages in Northumberland

Big kitchens and extra bedrooms are available in the larger rentals along the Northumbrian coast. Many of those are aimed specifically at family travellers, with bunks, single beds, twin rooms and sprawling dining spaces for those meals altogether.

Where you can find Northumberland coastal cottages

Not all coastal cottages in Northumberland spill straight onto the wave-washed sands of this primeval shoreline. Some stud the cliffs like limpets, while others nestle in quaint fishing towns where boats bob and English ales slosh in the taverns. Where will you choose?

Beachfront cottages in Northumberland

Given the vast stretches of totally undeveloped coast in this corner of England, it can sometimes be tricky to find cottages that face the sands directly. They do exist though, often making the most of their front-row seats by the North Sea, with panoramic decks and living rooms with wide windows.

Coastal cottages in fishing towns

There's a lot to be said for seeking out Northumberland coastal cottages in the quaint fishing villages that are strung along the county's shores. You might lose the seclusion promised by more off-the-beaten-track rentals, but you will gain lively shanty taverns, fish restaurants and excellent people watching. Seahouses, with its salty harbour, is a prime example of that.

Cottages on the cliffs of Northumbria

While Northumberland's cliffs might not clock up the same height as the chalk-white walls of Dover down south, there are some places where you can find a cottage perched above the sea. The bonus of these places is usually the view. If you don't mind being a short walk from the waves, but do want panoramas of the Farne Islands and beyond, they could be the very best choice.

The top coastal retreat destinations in Northumberland

There's a whopping 64 miles of coastline to get through in this county, plus a whole swathe of shore that's given over to an area of outstanding natural beauty. That means plenty of spots in which to seek out Northumberland cottages by the sea.

Choose Newbiggin for coastal cottages in Northumberland

Newbiggin, or Newbiggin-by-the-Sea to give it its full name, is a sleepy place that inhabits its own arc-shaped bay, just north of Newcastle. There's a blustery beach that's excellent for walks along the windswept promenade, with the dog in tow. However, there's also mining history in which to delve. Head for the Woodhorn Museum to see the silhouette of old pit shafts and ride narrow-gauge railways.

Pick cottages near Bamburgh Castle

A view of Bamburgh Castle from the window of your Northumbrian coastal cottage surely can't be beaten. It's up there with the most striking medieval fortifications in the whole of the UK, wreathed in a history that takes visitors all the way back to the Viking age. Below the mighty keeps and bulwarks, Bamburgh Beach spreads out in a patchwork of rock pools and grass-topped dunes.

Consider coming to vast Cresswell Beach

A cottage by the sands of Cresswell Beach means a pad linked to arguably Northumberland's most handsome stretch of shore. Untamed and battered by North Sea waves, it's every inch the feral coast you'd expect from these parts. Come the calmer months of summer, there's also plenty of space to lay the towel and relax.