From the ice-cream coloured beach shacks of happy Wells-next-the-Sea to the grand Victorian pier of Cromer, the treats of the Norfolk north coast are many. To make this sand-covered, salt-washed corner of England your next escape, be sure to read on for tips and information on booking north Norfolk cottages.

The range of north Norfolk cottages

Because cottage stays are each unique, with their own nuances and character, there's myriad different travellers who will feel right at home in Norfolk's cosy, seaside pads.

Pet owners can get dog-friendly north Norfolk cottages

If you simply can't bring yourself to explain to the pooch that they won't be joining you for adventures along the windblown sands of Brancaster and cliff-ringed Old Hunstanton – 2 of the top pup-friendly beaches in the county – then it might be worth ensuring your chosen holiday rental is a pet-ready place. Many north Norfolk cottages will allow dogs, but some will charge an extra fee that's calculated per pet, per stay.

Cosy north Norfolk cottages for 2

Choose quaint, quiet and characterful cottages on the north Norfolk coast to be in with a holiday filled with romance. These are the pads that offer seclusion in the midst of an area of outstanding natural beauty. When you do venture to the towns, there's seafood fine-dining in Wells-next-the-Sea and grand Victorian boulevards to wander along hand-in-hand in Cromer.

Historic cottages in north Norfolk

This region of Norfolk is steeped in heritage. Many of the rentals were once fishing homes for the hardy North Sea trawlers. Others are farm conversions that sit in the green fields just behind the shore. And then there are the Grade-listed lettings, which have tight-knit interiors of exposed beams and real stone.

If you've decided this year is the year for that retreat to the lovely reaches of north Norfolk, read on for some of the most alluring destinations the county has to offer.

Wells-next-the-Sea tops the bill

There are loads of reasons why lively Wells-next-the-Sea inspires such a loyal following of returnees each year. For starters, it's got a glistening, pristine beach that's lined with wine gum-coloured shacks. Then there's the bustle of the town itself, which is void of chain stores but has loads of hearty English alehouses, gastropubs and local craft boutiques.

Something wilder in King's Lynn

The gateway to the vast bay of the Wash National Nature Reserve, King's Lynn is a fine choice for a cottage if you're keen to traipse isolated wetlands in search of rare warblers. It's also great if you love your English history – the town itself was once a mightily powerful port. Though the boom days have long since passed, glimpses of strong Castle Rising and walks through cobblestone lanes are still on the menu.

Cromer is vintage Norfolk

The rollicking cabarets of Cromer Pier still rattle the timbers to this day. They have been going since the Victorian era, which is when this grand seaside resort had its heyday. However, for enjoyable bouts of sandcastle building, sunbathing and fish and chips by the North Sea, many say the town still can't be beaten.

How to get a bargain north Norfolk cottage

Keep the pounds at the ready for Cromer's cabaret shows and surf board rentals by ensuring you don't overpay for those holiday rentals in Norfolk. The 3 hints below should help.

The priciest north Norfolk cottages are by the sea

While waking to views of the Holkham dunes and the neat beach huts of Mundesley is a truly exciting prospect, you could be in for some hefty savings if you're willing to forgo that position right on the coast. Heading inland to little towns like Fakenham and King's Lynn can mean finding more rural pads that cost considerably less.

Spring and autumn are good fun, too

Summer isn't the only time when north Norfolk is open for business. This vast area of outstanding natural beauty might draw most travellers between June and August, but it's still got bracing, blustery cliff walks around Cromer come autumn, while the striking edifices of Rising Castle won't be so crowded in the early season of spring.

Booking early can secure cheap north Norfolk cottages

If you're coming to north Norfolk to enjoy the happy-go-lucky summertime buzz of Cromer and Wells-next-the-Sea, then it's a great idea to bag your pad as early as you can. The cheapest and the best homes in these parts will often sell out quick, particularly if you want somewhere near the vibrant promenades and shopping streets of the main resorts.