Scarborough is still the golden boy of the North Yorkshire coast. Ever since the end of the 18th century, when the town's haunting castle ruins and – most importantly – soothing spa waters enamoured the Victorians, this place has bustled from June to August with spade-touting staycationers. In this guide, we take a look at different types of Scarborough cottages and some ways that you might be able to bag a bargain.

What you get from Scarborough cottages

Imbued with all the regal style you'd expect of a venerable seaside resort, the Scarborough cottages that line the promenade and beaches of this much-loved escape come with plenty to shout about. Just a few notable features and rental types are listed below.

Self-catering facilities in Scarborough cottages

Most Scarborough cottages come with at least some form of kitchen. In the smaller rentals that are aimed at couples and solo travellers, this might be a compact kitchenette. However, it's more likely to be a fully-fledged townhouse cooking/dining room that can cater for the whole family.

Dog-friendly Scarborough cottages

While Scarborough's main beaches – the South Bay and North Bay – both have dog restrictions in place for much of the summer, there's a heritage coast unfolding to the north of town, lined with the pooch-friendly likes of Danes Dyke, and others. And that's not even mentioning the North York Moors, with the paw-trodden tracks of Newtondale and the mossy woods of May Beck. You can see why the canine compadre might want you to seek a pet-friendly place.

A taste of Yorkshire luxury in a Scarborough cottage

Chandelier-lit lounges, designer kitchens and big bedrooms with bay windows herald the most opulent of all Scarborough cottages. These are the classy mansions that straddle the higher perches of the town, offering wonderful views and grand interiors peppered with Georgian and Victorian frills.

Areas of Scarborough for your cottage

Before pushing ahead with your Scarborough cottage search, consider the areas listed below. Each highlights a part of the town with a unique character and allure.

A stay on the North Bay

A long, scythe-shaped curve of sand that runs between Scarborough Castle and the start of the Cleveland Heritage Coast, North Bay is the quieter of the 2 beaches that make their home in the resort itself. It's backed by a high esplanade, where Scarborough cottages cluster between cafés and fish-and-chip outlets. Closer to the shore are rows of pretty painted huts that provide the vintage Victorian feel.

A stay on the South Bay

Life in Scarborough has been bustling on the South Bay since time immemorial. This is the beating hub of the resort, where Luna Park's whirling rides and soaring Scarborough Castle mark the skyline. Seek out a cottage anywhere in the vicinity and you'll have beach walks, buzzing bars and restaurants aplenty on the doorstep.

A home with a view on the Esplanade

A long line of elegant Georgian terraces gilds the cliffs that run away from the South Bay of Scarborough. They host a number of rental options that can offer a prime perch above the North Sea waves. Go here if you like to wake to a view.

Bagging a great deal on Scarborough cottages

If you're pining for Scarborough's castle tops, salty beaches and pubs but need to think about the travel budget, these 3 tips for booking Scarborough cottages might just come in handy.

Move away from the centre

Even Victorian holidaymakers wanted a slice of the vibrant life that carries on down along the South Bay. These days, the homes there come at a premium, which means you can usually save some money by heading to quieter North Bay or even inland a little.

Come in the autumn

Scarborough cottages fill to bursting when the summer swings around. Buckets, spades and swimsuits are the order of the day, down on the North York beaches at that time of year, while rental prices are at their highest. To dodge that, consider coming when the schools have gone back in September, a month that still promises sunshine but also cheaper stays.

Get good self-catering facilities

Even though Scarborough has taste bud-tingling gastropubs and tearooms, there's often nothing for it but a good old bout of homecooked food, especially if the budget is an issue. Ensuring you find a Scarborough cottage with sufficient kitchen space and facilities to rustle up your own breakfasts, lunches and dinners can mean saving a lot on eating out.