For some travellers, there's simply nothing like waking to the sound of the crashing waves and watching the sunset glow over the ocean, come evening. Bagging a sea view cottage isn't just about the backdrop, though. It also opens up a whole load of adventures along the coast, whether that's tramping along the blustery cliffs of Cornwall or waxing down the surfboard to ride the swells of Devon. In this guide, we take a look at some enticing destinations where you can seek out your salt-sprayed bolthole.

Sea view cottages in the South West

As the South West region wiggles down from the Cotswolds to Land’s End, at the very tip of Cornwall, it holds some of the most stunning beaches, coves and cliff paths in the whole UK. Here are some tempting places to consider, before booking your sea view holiday cottages.

The 2 coasts of Devon

Devon has 1 foot in the wild waters of the Celtic Sea and another on the manicured shores of the English Channel. That means you'll find 2 very different sections of coast fringing the rolling dales of Dartmoor and beyond. For lashing waves and bracing cliff walks, you'd do well to stick to the area around Woolacombe and Ilfracombe. For family-friendly fairgrounds, colourful Victorian beach huts and venerable resorts, consider looking around Paignton and Torquay in the south.

Well-to-do Dorset

Dorset's green, hilly countryside spills into the sea at the wonderful Jurassic Coast. It stretches along for miles, from Lyme Regis to Chesil Beach, in a medley of muddy cliffs that fragment into prehistoric fossils and fascinating rocks – a fine place for any budding palaeontologist to seek out a holiday cottage. For something more refined, the chic resort of Sandbanks beckons, with elegant mansions and cottages fringing one gorgeous Blue Flag beach.

A seafarer's life in Cornwall

A sea view cottage in Cornwall could immerse you in the sail-flapping, bell-ringing harbour of Padstow, where pasty bakers and creative fish kitchens jostle for space. Over in St Ives, meanwhile, the cottages tend to be a little more modern, with handsome architecture rubbing shoulders with the intriguing exhibits of the Tate Gallery.

Other UK destinations for holiday homes by the sea

Of course, the South West is just one corner of the British Isles. If you've already adventured to Cornwall's boat-bobbing marinas and Devon's surf-bashed bays, how about a trip somewhere else for your sea view cottage this year?

Sea view holiday cottages in Wales

Wales is crowned by the wonderful region and national park of Pembrokeshire. It's famed for its homemade fudge and enthralling ecclesiastical relics, which are both available in the pint-sized city of St Davids. But it's even more famed for its postcard-worthy beaches, which unfold around the colourful resort of Tenby to include Barafundle Bay – a favourite with dog walkers – and wide Freshwater East, to name just 2.

Holiday homes by the sea in Scotland

Scotland might be better known for its craggy mountain ranges than its coast, but there's a real wonderland of secluded shoreline here that's peppered with whitewashed cottages, perfect for a true escape. You'll find plenty of them on the Isle of Skye, where you may even be able to spot minke whales and seals, splashing in the water, from your bedroom window.

Sea view holiday cottages in Northumbria

The Northumberland coast is a place that fuses quaint fishing towns with muscular medieval fortresses. The heritage coast that stretches around Seahouses and Bamburgh is the zenith of the county's shore, offering morning tastes of fine smoked kippers and afternoons of Viking history.

Some luxuries to look forward to in sea view cottages

While a panoramic lookout above a gold-glinting bay of sand and sea might seem like luxury enough, these coastal cottages can also offer a load of extra benefits on top.

Luxury sea view cottages with charming design

If you're the sort that loves your rental to have authentic style, then sea view stays can often oblige. Down in Cornwall, they could be tucked into rows of centuries-old fishing cottages, while Wales has slate-topped boltholes that gather moss and lichen. Meanwhile, interior features include original fireplaces and hearty country kitchens.

Holiday homes by the sea with a hot tub

You can really make the most of your jaunt to the coast by opting for a rental that has an al fresco hot tub. That way, even when you aren't traipsing the sand dunes or beachcombing, you'll be able to soak up – literally – the surrounding vistas of rolling waves and gull-spotted cliffs.

Sea view cottages that are dog-friendly

You won't have to leave the pooch behind if you're planning on hitting sea view cottages this year. There are many all over the UK that have pet-friendly policies. The important thing to check is whether the coastline outside your door is suitable for dogs – many beaches, particularly in popular holidaying spots, put controls in place for the summer, while some hiking paths don't have pup-friendly stiles.