As the Kingsbridge River widens to flow into the English Channel, its banks spread out and flatten to create the perfect stage for stylish Salcombe. Now a firmly established favourite on the West Country holidaying scene, the small port town fills to bursting with skippers and yacht hands during the summer, giving it the air of a sort of Devonshire on the Aegean. To explore the lot and get stuck into the regattas yourself, consider booking Salcombe cottages.

The pulls of Salcombe cottages

Below, we take a look at just 3 of the reasons Salcombe cottages continue to magnetise holidayers to the South Coast.

Take the pup to your Salcombe cottage

Any seadog with a penchant for hopping on yachts and strutting up pub-lined promenades won't want to miss an escape to Salcombe. Thankfully, there are plenty of old fishing cottages and townhouses here that will welcome the tail-wagging family member. Some might charge a small addition to the cleaning fee.

Salcombe cottages are no stranger to luxury

Because Salcombe has nurtured a reputation as one of the South Coast's chicest resorts, it's likely you'll never be too far from a Salcombe rental that has real style. The smartest pads in town command views over the Kingsbridge Estuary, spilling onto BBQ-ready decks or green gardens. Inside, designer kitchens mingle with art-filled lounges, while sprawling master bedrooms are typically ensuite.

Vernacular touches in Salcombe cottages

Although they might be sleek and stacked with mod cons, Salcombe cottages still channel the rich heritage of the Devonshire coastline in their architecture. Get ready to be immersed in stone-built boltholes, where the lounges are ribbed with oak beams and warmed by wood-burning stoves.

Getting a good deal on Salcombe cottages

The charms of jetsetter Salcombe might not come cheap, but there's still scope to find a great bargain on cottage homes. Follow the 3 tips below to hit Fore Street and the yacht clubs, just a little better off.

Choose Salcombe cottages away from the centre

When the summer months hit, anywhere around Fore Street and the waterside of Salcombe becomes abuzz with people and good-vibe living. It's certainly the area to be in if you want bars and galleries and boutiques to attend, but probably not great for the travel budget. Much better are the cottages a little drive away, or perhaps across the water in East Portlemouth.

Get Salcombe cottages on late availability

When any cottage rental in Salcombe goes un-booked for a weekend, it's possible for prices to drop in the days immediately beforehand. So, if you're feeling a little spontaneous, you could seek out a riverside pad in the harbour town and head off right away.

Consider Salcombe in the winter

True to its resort nature, Salcombe can go into hibernation, come the winter months. For some travellers that means welcome quietude and seclusion, not to mention cottage stays for a considerably reduced cost.

Where to look for Salcombe cottages

It might pay to have an idea of how Salcombe itself is laid out, when you come to book that cottage stay, if only to know if your chosen home is close to the action or nestled in nature.

Fore Street to feel like a local

West Country bakers, clotted cream teahouses, Devonshire fudge shops, historic maritime buildings – there's a whole range of enticing places lining up along the quays of Salcombe. To be as close to those as you can get, there's surely nowhere better than Fore Street, which bends its way around the banks of Batson Creek, right through the heart of the town.

Closer to Main Road for something quieter

Main Road rings the more modern part of Salcombe, above and to the west of the old village. It delineates a side of the resort where the builds are typically modern and the streets a little quieter. For larger homes that might be able to host the whole family, it's a great area to consider.

East Portlemouth to get away from it all

Just a short ride on the cross-river ferry from the heart of Salcombe can take you to the green and beach-fringed headland of East Portlemouth. A smattering of remote cottages in the area promise something altogether more relaxing and chilled. They spill down to dog-friendly beaches or perch in the woods above hidden Fishermans Cove.