You're not alone in pining for holiday lets in Derbyshire. This is one of the most popular corners of Blighty for adventurers and weekend breakers. More than 10 million people a year flock to the famous Peak District National Park that protects the region's verdant slopes and gritstone ridges, and that's not even mentioning those attracted by the crystal-clear spa waters of Buxton. To ensure you get the rental your seeking, read this guide to all things Derbyshire cottages.

Enticing places to find holiday homes in Derbyshire

With its stalactite-dangling cave systems and limestone bluffs, Derbyshire manages to attract millions of visitors each year. Here are just 3 of the areas, towns and villages that help to draw them in ...

Peak District holiday lets in Derbyshire

There's simply no ignoring the Peak District, which claims great swathes of central and northern Derbyshire. Of course, there's no reason you'd want to ignore it – the landscapes it encompasses are stunning. Church-topped Edale, where sleepy country vibes bely the fact the Pennine Way starts in the village, is a perfect example of the sort charming escape you can have here.

Holiday cottages in Derbyshire Dales

Representing a great slab of the famous Peak District and more besides, the area known as Derbyshire Dales ranges from Grade I-listed Sudbury Hall in the south to the honey-coloured hamlet of Hathersage in the north. Seeking out a cottage in these parts means you'll never be far from the carved limestone bluffs and cave complexes of White Peak – a tract beloved by ramblers.

Discover Derbyshire cottages near Buxton

Though it's not within the park itself, Buxton is the self-proclaimed gateway to the Peak District. That said, the town is probably better known for its water, which continues to babble forth from St Ann's Well thanks to unique geothermal springs located below.

How to score a cheap holiday let in Derbyshire

If you prefer to channel the travel budget into guided walks of the famous Peak District tors, then it's worth reading these handy hints for keeping costs low when visiting this corner of England.

Get great deals on late-availability Derbyshire cottages

If you're willing to let that spontaneity whisk you away to limestone caverns and rolling heaths, then be sure to check last-minute deals on Derbyshire rentals. They can often come at a reduced price, with owners keen to have someone enjoying their country pad.

A short Derbyshire break offers value and adventure

Because Derbyshire is wedged right into the heart of England, with all of Manchester, Sheffield, Nottingham and Birmingham just on its peripheries, it's an eminently accessible place to visit. That means even a terse 2-day break shouldn't be too much hassle, though it's bound to keep costs low on the rental front.

Wrap up warm for holiday homes in Derbyshire

One sure way to beat the highest rates is to organise your Derbyshire jaunt for the colder months of the year. You will need to bring a woolly jumper or 2 because the fells here have been known to gather plumes of snow. However, the room rates tend to plummet in November and February, while there's something undeniably romantic about crisp, icy mornings, Peak District style.

Various cottage choices in Derbyshire

Picking a holiday home in Derbyshire means picking between deluxe stays and wallet-friendly boltholes, not to mention a whole host of add-ons and features. Bear in mind these 3 considerations when you come to book.

Are you seeking luxury Derbyshire cottages?

Just because you're heading to the country, things don't have to be rustic. Derbyshire rentals often come with real style. Big, marble-clad kitchens can host the whole family for breakfast, and have fridges big enough for those bottles of bubbly. Other spots come with steaming tubs outside, where romantic stargazing sessions can start once the sun goes down behind the tors.

Is the dog coming along for a Peak District walk?

Don't worry about the pooch getting their Derbyshire pass. There are plenty of cottages in this wild region with pet lovers at the forefront of their mind. You could even treat the 4-legged critters to a tour of regal Chatsworth House, where you can take the barkers so long as they're on the lead.

Do you want a Derbyshire cottage with a hot tub?

One of the most common questions that Peak District-bound travellers ask themselves is whether a hot tub should be on the menu. It might not have even crossed your mind to consider such an extravagance, but just imagine how pleasant a bubbling bath would be after those hikes on the plateaus of Kinder Scout.