So, you're eager to explore the westernmost tip of South Wales? It's a wonderful place, fringed with cliff-backed beaches where porpoises and puffins make their home, bejewelled with colourful harbour towns and stoic cathedrals, set beside an inland of rolling hills and rustic farms. Use this guide to help you pinpoint the sort of Pembrokeshire cottage and area that's perfect for you.

Types of holiday lets in Pembrokeshire

From large-scale farm conversions cradled in the Narberth hills to hardy cottages perched on the clifftops, you'll find a whole medley of different sorts of rentals waiting in this stunning region. A few pointers to help you book are listed below.

Dog-friendly Pembrokeshire cottages

Some of the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park's most alluring beaches - Barafundle Bay, we're looking at you – have zero restrictions on when the 4-legged barker can run around. What's more, the whole region is linked by the Pembrokeshire Coast Path, 186 miles of trail that has dog-friendly stiles in many locations. To make the most of all that, be sure to check that your chosen cottage has a pet-friendly policy and, if so, whether there are any associated extra charges.

A cottage in Pembrokeshire with sea views

It's impossible to talk about Pembrokeshire without talking about the Welsh coast. Yes, inland towns, such as well-to-do Narberth and the bustling marketplace of Haverfordwest, have their own draws, but it's the shoreline that comes up trumps. It's been whittled by wild seas and blessed with gold-glowing beaches, which is why so many a cottage in these parts sits as close to the water as it can get.

Luxurious Pembrokeshire cottages

Pembrokeshire's holiday rentals masterfully mix rural vibes with a taste of luxury. Inside, you'll catch hearty and romantic features, such as real-stone walls and wood-crackling stoves, all while enjoying the frills of modern kitchens and even the occasional hot tub.

How to score cheap Pembrokeshire cottages

For all Pembrokeshire's popularity, there are still ways you can beat the competition and bag yourself a real bargain in the area. A selection of handy tips is below.

Travel to Pembrokeshire outside of summer

When the sun shines on Pembrokeshire, you could be forgiven for mistaking the blue-green bays and the grass-topped cliffs for southern Europe or the Caribbean. That's just how idyllic the coastline is here, which explains why the vast majority of travellers look to book their pad for the summer. To dodge the influx, consider a trip in April, May, September or October, when you could still find lovely weather but might get considerably lower rates.

Move away from the coast

It's no secret that the most coveted stays in Pembrokeshire pop up on the coast – who wouldn't want to wake to visions of wave-bashed Ramsey Island or daffodil-tinted Monkstone Beach, after all? However, if you don't mind forgoing the salty sea breezes, you can often save plenty by heading inland and looking for your cottage in the countryside near Haverfordwest or Narberth.

Make the most of late-availability Pembrokeshire cottages

While booking early is always wise, you shouldn't give up on an affordable Pembrokeshire break if you've left things late, either. Often, renters will lower rates to attract holidaymakers to their home if it would otherwise go empty for a weekend. Of course, you'll need to be a little flexible with your travel plans, and willing to load up the sea kayak and head off straight away.

Where to find coastal cottages in Pembrokeshire

If you're determined to secure views of the Celtic Sea and give yourself access to the stacked rocks and alluring bays of coastal Pembrokeshire, consider the 3 top options below.

A cottage near St Davids

Culture lovers will feel right at home in the midst of St Davids. Famed as the smallest city in Wales, it's been a holy pilgrimage destination since the Middle Ages, when the pope decreed that, for the faithful, 2 visits here was equal to 1 visit to Rome. Of course, the Gothic cathedral and Bishop's Palace are musts, before heading down to lay the towel on wave-battered Whitesands Bay.

South Pembrokeshire cottages around Tenby

For ice cream-munching, good time-living holidaymakers, Tenby is likely to be the only Pembrokeshire spot needed. Cottages in its vicinity offer access to one of the most accomplished resorts in Wales. Boats bob in the vibrant harbour and there are all sorts of intriguing art galleries and fashion stores, bubbling Celtic taverns and medieval merchant houses.

Be charmed by Little Haven

The white-painted cottages of Little Haven cascade down to meet the rock pools and waters of St Brides Bay in the very heart of the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park. A stay here is great for outdoorsy types who want the whole shoreline hiking path at their fingertips.